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People Who Play Together, Stay Together

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So often, too many of us get swept away with the hubbub of life, the commotion in our heads, the joyful chaos of raising our children, the tediousness of work. Many times we forget to just slow it down, enjoy this amazing life that we work so hard to create. We’ve become robots and such creatures of habit, that we forget to really enjoy one another. But why?? We all really do deserve happiness! Well, I’ve found some great ways to keep living the good life with our friends and families, a life full of laughter and fun- because after all, people who play together, stay together!


Singles Vacations

We all want to live a fulfilled life, have caring family and friends, and be able to enjoy them! What better way to do so than to live every day like it’s your last?!

  • Take a vacation!! One of the best ways that I have found (at least for myself and many others that I know) to unwind and be reminded to live, is to get away and clear my head; large or small trip, it doesn’t matter! Pack yourself, or you and your family up and hit the road jack!!
  • BEST SINGLE TRAVEL is one of THE BEST sites for Vacations for Singles in their 30s 40s 50s & Active 60s. Providing the steals and deals that you need for cruises and so much more, Best Single Travel is your place to go. You can book single trips or have them find roommates to accompany you. Make new friends and make memories of a lifetime on a singles vacation. Amazing!
  • TRAVOFY is the place to look for more family friendly vacationing! With amazing deals such as Save up to 30% on hotel booking, you simply cannot go wrong! This site has everything from flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and deal packages that are a much better steal than many other sites out there!


Laughter is food for the soul! Literally! Did you know that just 15 minutes of laughing per day can burn up to 40 calories? Laughing also lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and so much more. Jokes and laughing can actually help people grow closer to one another as well.

  • Play Together! This next one I hold near and dear to my heart. I have purchased this bundle and it has brought my family and friends so much closer than I imagined it would. Take one day (or many if you can!) and put them aside for a quality board game or activity night from  AWESOME PACK. This awesome idea is a monthly subscription (that you can pause anytime) that sends a box of board games and activities based on what your interests are!!! HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!! This pack has two different boxes, one that is geared toward 15 yrs old and younger, and another that is geared toward adults. Friends and family unite, play together, laugh and Get Awesomed with Awesome Pack!

Awesome Pack - Get Awesomed


Through the chaos in life, love absolutely hands down has to be the easiest one here to do. The people that we care about the most may drive us up a wall, but they will always hold that special place in our hearts.


In my world, it’s a necessity to fulfill all three of those every single day! My sanity, my serenity, and my relationships depend on it. Just remember- people who play together, stay together. Find ways to implement that and you will see your quality of life dramatically be enhanced! ✌

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Diy Pvc Organization Tool

Throughout my childhood, I could always be found with my father, learning something about working on race cars, doing mechanical work on my own future cars, repairing things around the house, various innovative DIY projects , basically anything that had to do with using my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a girly girl to the core! I just have a little swirl of tomboy in me that loves finding easy to solutions for the everyday things in our lives. I was so ecstatic when my father saved the day and introduced me to this Diy Pvc Organization Tool.

Before I started on this journey of organizing my chaotic life (lol), this is what things actually looked like! That was my tub of shoes and a drawer in my bathroom. Looks pretty rough doesn’t it?! 

This new (well, new to me lol) pvc organization tool is so incredibly easy and cost effective! Once again, before I headed out to retrieve items, I checked out the pricing from various home improvement stores.

⛥PVC PIPING– depending on how large you want the diameter of the pipe to be, prices ranged from $6.27- $44.74 

PVC CEMENT– right around $4.94 per container

⛥GORILLA GLUE– around $4.87 per container

When I say that this project is easy, I really cannot be any more clear about that! Here are some steps you can follow to get some organization rolling in your life.

  • First and foremost you must cut the pvc piping to the size that you would like. You may use a table saw to do so, or honestly before you even leave the store, you can ask them to cut it for you.
  • Lay out a few pieces that you will use as your base.
  • Take your Gorilla Glue or pvc cement (whichever you choose) and apply a small line on the sides of the piping, making sure to go from one end to the other.
  • Press each piece together. Repeat this process for each pipe on the base. Then, start to build upwards, applying your adhesive, making sure that each pipe piece is connected to the other. (You may use a heavy object on each end to hold your piece together until it dries.)
  • You can paint the pvc to be more aesthetic with the other decorations in your house, or perhaps decorate with your choice of crafting material. Make it as beautiful as you’d like!!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

One thing that I truly love about this project is that you can get pvc pipes as large or as small as you please! You can design a huge shelving rack out of it, make a desk top supply holder, use it in the garage for all your tools, or really anything else that you can think of!




Grab your shoes. Grab your keys. Hop in the car and head to your local home improvement store to get ready to build your next easy and cost effective organization project! In the end, this Diy Pic Organization Tool is much cheaper and more chic than buying some regular storage shelving! I love this one! ✌

WWYF 728x90

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Reasons Why Kids Are The Worst

“Have kids!” they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said. Yea, about that….. I have two kids, ages 2 (we’ll call her Sally) and 15 (we’ll call him Sam.) Both of them were oops babies, but both were welcomed with open arms and have been my world since day one! I would give my right arm for these two, and definitely break a neck if someone messed with them! But let’s be honest here, these ravenous monsters often get on our last nerve and push us to our utmost limits! The joke has been on me since day one lol! Here are some reasons why kids are the worst!

#1 They’re Lazy. And Dirty.

Walking through the mall a few days ago, we go to the eatery to get some food. I had Sally connected to a backpack restraint leash and Sam is drooling over food right next to me. Well….. things got too quiet. I look next me and this lovely little monster has decided to lay down- ON THE EATERY FLOOR- WHERE THOUSANDS OF DIRTY SHOES WALK!! I couldn’t believe it. I threw my credit card to Sam and rushed the baby to to washroom to clean her up. I have never scrubbed skin so effectively before that! (Yes, I may be a bit OCD lol)

#2 They Smell Funky

I don’t care where it is, in my house, car, or in public that I am, I swear the funkiness is just stuck in my nose! I’m constantly taking a whiff of dirty diaper, smelly breath, crusty under pants, or shoe grub. I’m not even joking. I make these two bathe everyday and still yet it lingers in my nose. I’m sure that the air freshener companies love me by now!

#3 They Whine. Constantly.

I thought Sam would’ve grown out of whining and screaming by now, but contrary to my belief, it has only gotten worse! It seems that the more and louder the baby gets, the more jealous he gets and tries to exceed the volume. And then they start whining to me about one another’s whining. It’s ridiculous. It’s sad that human muzzles would be inhumane and illegal to use!

#4 You Have to Teach Them Everything
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Why is this the worst?? Not because I have to take the time out of the day to teach them. I actually delve into that and love it! (I used to be an elementary school teacher.) But because these two just don’t get it! I’m exhausted! Washing the dishes is a no brainer, but conveniently my boy surely doesn’t remember how to scrub that dried on ranch off of that plate! Every time! Or when asking to clean up the floor full of toys, Sally looks at me like I’m speaking chinese! Every time! I know these kids are smarter than this!

#5 I’m required to bring a 33 lb suitcase every time we leave the house.

From diapers, to wipes, a bottle, a sippy cup, some snacks for both kids, 10 changes of clothes, a tablet computer, a book, a bottle of soda, his phone and ear buds. That’s insane!! My back hurts!!

#6 Understanding Them is A Challenge

They’re screaming ALL. THE. TIME. At one another, at me, when crying, when they’re excited, when they’re angry. Plus Sally is still learning to talk properly. I’ve developed a whole ‘nother language that I’m positive I can market and become a millionaire with!

Truthfully though, these two little hellians are my world. I would give them anything to make sure they are happy and healthy! No matter how crazy they make me, I love them. I would be no one today without them! I keep my serenity in check FOR THEM. 😘✌

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3 Huge Ways To Evade Bad Karma

Whether you realize it or not, everything that you say or do impacts what happens in your future. The things you think, what you verbalize, how you react to situations, how you treat others, and what you do in your life. Yes, we are all responsible for our own actions, but karma is a real thing!  Sometimes karma may affect us positively, but other times the bad luck we think we are having is actually bad karma coming to kick our butts. So how can we avoid feeling like life is just beating us down? Below you will find ways 3 huge ways to evade bad karma!

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We see someone walking down the road, another has a car pulled over to the side of the street, an elderly person walking slowly and cautiously in the parking lot, a begger on the corner, a mother with a child in one arm and groceries in the other, a child struggling emotionally. Many times it’s simply easier to just not inconvenience ourselves by turning our cheeks and pretending like we don’t see anything. But why??? We’re all human, we all bleed red, we’re all in this together.

One person may not be able to change the world, but one person may be able to change another person’s world. No matter how small or large a task may be, take the time to reach out to others to try to help them. Help change that tire, give someone a ride, help the elderly person across the parking lot, offer to grab the groceries for that mother. Do something. You will see that you feel better mentally and emotionally and watch that positive karma overcome your life.

Whether it be some volunteer work at a local animal shelter, a goodwill, a food pantry, or helping to clean the streets, or helping older and disabled people, the need for people to be involved is greater than ever. I have seen elections, race, and religions rip us human beings apart. But why?? Because once again, we’re all human and all in this together.

It may seem daunting to get involved in free voluntary work in the midst of our extremely busy lives, but the reward is far greater than just ignoring it. We inherit a more close knit community and the karma train comes rolling around once again!

Driving down the road, I get so sick to my stomach seeing these homeless tent communities or folks waiting outside of the shelters, only to be rejected because the shelter is full.

I’m not saying you need to run around handing these people money. I truly dont believe that will help anything. But what you can do, is research the resources in your community and pass that info out to the people in need. Resources such as temp job agencies, libraries so they can use a computer, food stamps, medicaid, childcare, free cellphone program, transportation, food banks, and sliding scale/free mental health facilities. Perhaps volunteer at one of those resources if you can. Take a homeless child out on an outing to a movie, a zoo, a museum, somewhere.

Everyone deserves a second chance, no matter what got them in that position in the first place. And once again *chooo chooo* here comes that positive karma train again!

I really cannot emphasize the importance and relevance of what saying and doing good things in your life will do (for yourself and others.) You will experience the utmost satisfaction and remember……… The karma in your life will forever change!!! 😉

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Save on Denim

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you purchase an item through that link.

The time has come.. To Save on Denim for back to school!!!

Crazy 8 Sale On Now!

Who doesn’t love denim?! I know that I do! Denim has been one of the most prominent fashion trends for ages now, ranging from pants, to shorts, to jackets, and everything in between!

Now you can save on denim for your children and send them back to school with the most stylish, durable, and affordable outfits from Crazy 8!

BTSShop Crazy8’s Demin Collection Now!

Kids now a days are always wanting to continuously broaden their wardrobe. The denim collection from Crazy 8 has 7 new wash styles for jeans that your children love! They offer trendy, age-appropriate looks that kids love to wear at prices that parents will be jumping for joy about!!!

Shop Crazy8’s New Denim Collection!

⛥💥⛥Click on these links, browse through the entire denim collection, check out items from the rest of the Crazy8 merchandise catalog, and rest assured that you will be sending your child back to school in style and comfort!!⛥💥⛥

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Save on Back To School Clothing!

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you purchase an item through that link.

I can’t believe how quick this summer has gone by! With school just around the corner, we are definitely wanting to send our little ones off to school sporting the best styles and accessories possible!  Save on back to school clothing! 

My family has some amazing #kidgoals this year!

🔶#1- I want to make it into my kids’ rooms in the morning to wake them up without tripping over EVERYTHING and breaking my neck!

🔶#2- I want them to shovel, chew, and swallow some breakfast down without any little tired temper tantrums! (Because let’s face it, we’re all tired in the morning lol)

🔶#3-I want my kids to flawlessly get dressed in the most comfortable and durable clothing that I bought them for back to school. They are going to know they look amazing!

Check out what else I have found!
Gymboree Children’s Clothing

Gymboree Sale On Now!
Some of you may ask, “Why shop at Gymboree for back to school, when there’s so many other stores out there?!”

Well, my friends….. this is a business that I believe in! They have one of THE BEST back to school collections to browse through!

They have amazing customer service, in stores and online! The quality of their clothing has always been exceptional, being able to withstand the craziness of even our toughest kids! They have clothes for children from baby to 12 years old, so I can shop at one place for all of my kids!! And best of all, you can likely always find some sort of deal going on, making it extremely affordable.
💥Check out this amazing deal!💥
Free Shipping over $75 at Gymboree

We all know that back to school time can get bit chaotic.  SHARE YOUR #KIDGOALS STORIES IN THE COMMENTS! Let me know how you plan to dress your kids, get ready to head back to school, and minimize your daily stress throughout the school year!

Shop Gymboree’s Back To School Collection Now!

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Save Money With This DIY Outdoor Bench!

Buying already made benches (or really any outdoor furniture) can be so incredibly expensive!!! Save money with this DIY outdoor bench!
Why in this ever-loving world do we continue to break our banks when there are so many inexpensive DIY projects that we can do ourselves?!?!! These are so easy that even little 5 year old Sweet Sally or 60 year old Grandma Goldilocks can do it as well! Put a little pout on your face and put your hubby to work! ✌

Before I even thought about suggesting this project to you, I checked out the pricing on multiple home improvement sites. Here’s what I found:

⛥HomeDepot- cinder block costs $1.50 each (you need 14), 4×4 pressure treated wood costs $8.42 each (you need 6), cushions $6.98 each (I accounted for 3 cushions)– GRAND TOTAL IS $92.46!!

⛥Lowe’s- cinder block costs $1.42 each (14 needed as well), 4×4 pressure treated wood costs $8.42 each (6 needed as well), cushions $6.98 each (again, 3 cushions)– GRAND TOTAL IS $91.34!!

That is absolutely amazing and unheard of!!!

  I also went on to check out pricing of already made outdoor benches, and you will just not believe what I found…. Anywhere between a whopping $398- $998. For me, that’s absurd. You are literally saving anywhere between $300-$900 by making an easy assemble bench yourself!

I absolutely love the look of this DIY bench. It has a little modern style to it, a little country, and just the right size. Oh yea, I can also customize the seating cushions to be whatever I choose, rather than taking what is provided with an already made bench 😉 You can also pick up a can of cinder block paint for fairly cheap, if you so choose to put color onto your bench.

⛥⛥Get your children together, bring your significant other, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and coworkers- and bring them all to the store with you so they can pick up these items to make their own DIY benches as well! That’s how easy this project is. Minimal work and you can put it ANYWHERE you please! ✌


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4 Ways To Have Fun With Your Money

Do you think it’s possible that there’s 4 ways to have fun with your money?? Without blowing your budget?

Of course you don’t!! When you think about money, you think about bills, budgeting, restraint, responsibilities, and you start stressing out beyond belief!

No one just throws their money out of the window, to never be thought of again!😂💥

👍💰But…. It IS possible to be enthusiastic about your money! 💰👍 In fact, I encourage it.

Accept responsibility, but say no to guilt- Always accept adulthood. The fact that you have a family, bills, and responsibilities should be a driving force to your financial success. If you fall behind on something though, definitely don’t beat yourself up over it. Use that experience as a learning tool and next time remember that situation. Don’t feel guilty about a mistake. We’re all human and make mistakes. It’s alright.

Set Financial Goals- No financial goal is ever too large or too small! Whether it’s a goal of eating out less, or saving up for something big, every milestone along the way to those goals should be acknowledged. Let’s face it, overspending can be easy and some of us can flawlessly forget our goals!

Make a Game of Saving Money- One of the coolest things that I seen earlier this year was a saving method. Here’s a little screenshot of it:

I think that method is such a brilliant idea and that chart is so simple to follow!!! Just take that money, put it in a little lock box, and keep it out of your sight until the end of the year. 💥BOOM! You now have nearly $2k extra in your pocket.

Celebrate Your Financial Successes! When you reach those milestones and smash the heck out of those goals, an achievement award is absolutely deserved. Take a moment to bask in that feeling of pride and accomplishment. Be grateful that you had the ability and resources to make it happen. Stay humble. 

💰😎💳 💸 Money doesn’t have to be taboo and stressful!!! Use these 4 Ways ways to make your money fun AGAIN!💸💳😎💰


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Tiny warning- This one is going to be a little heavy. If the realness of someone going through a dark time is too much for you, please turn around. Suicide Prevention Hotline Number 800-273-8255.

The struggles of life are very real to all of us. Many of us have found ways to handle those tribulations, but some of us aren’t able to steady that rocking boat in these crazy seas, no matter how hard they try.

In the past few years, I have experienced the heartbreak of losing a few close people to me to suicide. 💔 At first, I was so incredibly angry with those people. It was just “so selfish” of them, to be so uncaring about how they would make others feel by taking their own lives. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Then, I went on to being upset with myself for it. Feeling like there had to have been SOMETHING that I could’ve done to prevent that from happening. “Why wasn’t I there?! Why didn’t I see the signs? What could I have done different to save them?!” Those questions kept ring in my head, day in and day out. It was truly haunting!

One day I had to get real with myself, though, and realize that there’s so much more to suicide than just stopping someone from doing it. There’s a reason, there’s pain, there’s a disease, there’s a need for something, and that person feels they cannot speak up for some reason. There’s so much more involved than any attention seeking or it being a selfish act.


⛤That is the suicide prevention hotline number. If you or someone you know needs help, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL. Our lives and time on this earth are way too precious!⛤

It’s so INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to talk to our kids/teenagers about any issues that they may be having, especially with movies like “13 Reasons Why” coming out. I feel like movies like that don’t exactly bring awareness to suicide, but rather glorify it in a sickening way.

Do not shut your kids out. Do not shut your family out if they need help. Not your friends, co-workers, or even a stranger. If we can save someone, and those that they know, from the pain of this disease, then I think that we have done the utmost.


Anyone that you can help, please do!!! Allow them to speak up, encourage them to speak up, lend your ears and heart, and love one another! Please do not make the mistake of turning a cold shoulder. We’re all in this together 😉

ONCE AGAIN- – – –