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Do You Groupon Your Coupons?!

Have you heard of Groupon? Do you Groupon your coupons??

I’ve heard of Groupon! In fact, I also use Groupon!

They are a website that offers 70,000 deals on over 9,000 retailers! Anytime I have shopping to do, I try use Groupon to save money. I don’t know about you, but if there is a chance for me to save some cash, I am all over it! I keep up with the Joneses and try to clip coupons and keep them in a coupon folder. I also look for deals around town, but one of the better sites that I have found is Groupon. This is where it’s at! At this very moment Groupon is even offering 25% off your first Groupon with code WELCOME at check out. I truly don’t think that saving gets any better than this!

On the Groupon site there are 70 deals and coupons for Target. One of my absolute favorite deals for Target is 5% Off + Free Shipping!

This deal is not only good online but, in store as well. If you use in store, no coupon code is needed. Everyone is eating this deal up! They also have 30% off in their home department. I could shop Target stores for nearly all of my household needs!

Another fabulous one that Groupon has is 42 deals for Travelocity.

With the holiday seasons quickly approaching us, most of us will be traveling. I know that I take whatever I can in the way of saving money on travel expenses!
Right now Groupon has a deal of Flights under $200 as well as Up To 70% off Featured Hotels!

These are just a few of the offers that Groupon is featuring! Be sure to check out all of the other retailers, whether you must use the coupon online or in person. They offer deals and coupons for many, such as Amazon which currently has 163 coupon deals, 68 deals from Walgreens, and many others like Ebay, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, amongst many others!




Groupon definitely has all of your shopping needs covered. Make sure you Groupon your coupons to get the most savings available!

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SmitCo LLC Product Review

*This post contains sponsored information. I will not receive compensation if you click on the links and the opinions in this article are that of my own.*

SmitCo LLC has quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12, that consist of several different locked diary sets in Emoji, Diva and Mermaid themes, as well as scrapbook, nail and play dress up sets as well as party favors. These gifts will provide hours of fun!

I had the pleasure of being able to review two of SmitCo’s products and let me tell you, I was super impressed!

Up first- Princess Dress Up Set

My little girl is two years old and she was just absolutely thrilled about this gift!

For the entire day, she was able to be pretty, be treated like a princess, be elegant, and believe me- she let me know she was THE princess all day long as well 😉

This specific dress up set came with a stylish flower veil, super cute dress gloves, a pearl necklace, two gorgeous bracelets, and a little purse. The quality of this dress up kit is honestly extraordinary! It has withstood a two year old toddler playing in it, as well as our puppy trying to enjoy the fun as well!

I am definitely looking forward to many more days of having fun like this with my baby!! You can find this dress up set here at SmitCo LLC Girl Dress Up Accessories

Next up- Bath & Shower Exfoliating Gloves

SmitCo LLC has these amazing gloves that were given to us for review as well. The first thing I noticed was the reusable storage bag that they came in! Do you know how convenient that is?? I will never have to worry about using an old grocery bag anymore to carry my bath goods in when traveling or for storage at home!

These exfoliating gloves fit perfect! They have a tiny bit of extra space for longer fingers, and then around the wrist is an elastic material that enables the gloves to stay on. I love that idea!

Another mentionable is how quickly they dry! This is super important to me because I try to avoid mold and mildew as much as possible. The breathable quick dry material makes that easier!

I truly don’t think that these gloves could be any more fabulous. They are super soft to the touch, yet when you’re washing, you can honestly feel your dead skin cells being taken off. The feeling is not too abrasive. In fact, after my daughter and I were done playing princess outside, I gave her a bath and washed her sensitive skin up with this exfoliating glove!

If it’s perfect enough for a baby’s skin, it definitely works for me! Take a look at these gloves at SmitCo LLC Exfoliating Gloves

I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing these items and definitely recommend that you all take a look at all of SmitCo LLC’s products!

Find all the great products here-
SmitCo LLC

I trust you will find some or all gifts here for the princesses on your list!


Get 20% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Go to: SmitCo LLC and use coupon code N3CQD6AE on checkout

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4 Things On Cars That All Women Should Maintain Themselves

**This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you purchase a product through that link.**

For some reason, it has always been taboo to see a woman getting her hands dirty under the hood of a car. But….. Why?? Women Can Fix Cars Too!

From the time that I can remember when I was super young until even now at 33, I could always be found in the garage with my father working on some sort of car. We built race cars, repaired our own vehicles, crafted up go carts- and I have absolutely loved every minute of it!

Throughout my life, I have seen too many women simply naive about servicing their own vehicles, which in turn puts them at risk for so many dangers – Being robbed by a stranger, financially being taken advantage of at a shop, and needlessly being stranded. So for me, it has been important to be able to service my own vehicle. All of my cars have NEVER seen the inside of a mechanics shop! Really, this info is for everyone. Trust me, I’m not leaving the men out of this one either, so read up while you can as well!

Here’s 4 things on cars that all women should be able to maintain themselves–


Oil changes are one of the most simple, but most necessary things that a vehicle needs. It is so easy to do yourself and you can rest assured knowing it’s done right! Pull the oil pan plug, drain the old oil, replace plug, and fill back up with necessary oil. Voila! Done!

Failure to get oil changes can have some serious detrimental consequences! Do you want your engine to freeze up out of nowhere? Do you want to have to replace more parts than you should’ve from the get go? Nope, didn’t think so! I personally don’t mind getting my danty woman hands all messy and full of engine grease. I love changing my own oil. But if you aren’t like me, I highly recommend taking your vehicle to Pep Boys to be serviced!
Schedule an Oil Change Service at Schedule online, get same day service! Ladies, I beg of you that if you choose the route of a mechanic to do your oil changes, then please research and know what you’re talking about! Don’t be taken for advantage of! 



Spark plugs connect the air and gasoline to create combustion in order for your car to run. These little sassy things get corroded, worn down, and you will find your car acting super sluggish.

To replace spark plugs is usually pretty easy on most vehicles. I would definitely recommend reading the insert that comes in the packaging as well. Save yourself a boatload of money by doing this maintenance yourself rather than a mechanic!!

AutoZone has the friendliest and helpful customer service reps around. ☞➡ Buy Online. Deliver to home. Pick up In-Store — Accelerate Your Repairs at AutoZone ⬅☜

     #3- TIRES

Tires are self explanatory. Don’t ride around with bald tires or even ones with the metal thread showing! Pay attention to the wear pattern on your tires, as that shows clues if an alignment is needed. On top of that, frequently check your tire pressure!

The best thing you can do for yourself is to purchase tires on your own and then take them to have them installed and balanced. You will literally save about half that cost!!! Order Tires Online and get Free Delivery to your Local Installer with Goodyear!

ALSO UNTIL SEPT. 30, 2017⤵
Buy Tires Online at and Get Up to $145 Back via Gift Card to One of Five Retailers!

Ladies! I beg you again- please learn how to change a tire!! You may not always have the convenience of having someone help, so don’t get stranded!


Car maintenance doesn’t get any more simple than this! I was always taught that EVERY time I go to fill up with gas, open the hood and check my fluids!

  • Oil
  • Antifreeze/Coolant
  • Windshield Washer
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission

You will save yourself a ton of heartache doing this!

With oil, get the dipstick  (usually the yellow handle one) and check the levels and color. If a little low, top off and make sure there is no crusted burnt on oil on the stick. If there is, this a problem we need to talk about next time. If you need to top off (never have to put more than one quart!) then the oil type you need is on your oil cap in engine compartment.

Transmission fluid (pull out the red handle dipstick) should be at the recommended level. If it’s lower, you may have a larger problem of a leak because trans fluid never gets used up!

Antifreeze, windshield washer, and power steering- look on the side of containers and  make sure they are at the fill lines. If low, simply top off.
Remember- All of your fluids can be purchased online!⤵⤵⤵⤵

Ladies, I  guarantee that all of these maintenance methods are incredibly easy and well worth it in the end! Save yourself unnecessary heartache when you do the upkeep yourself! Less hassle from mechanics, less money, and never be stranded again!

👌😉Happy driving and remember, women can fix cars too!!! 😉👌

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SmitCo Gifts for Girls Age 2-12

Quality, affordable gifts for girls ages 2 to 12.

SmitCo LLC has several different locked diary sets for girls in Emoji, Diva and Mermaid themes, as well as scrapbook, nail and play dress up sets, as well as party favors and to provide hours of fun.

SmitCo products also include rose gold, gold or rhodium plated jewelry and sets, as well as very popular stretch sets for little girls – all packed in cute gift boxes.

Find all the great products here:

We trust you will find some or all gifts here for the princesses on your list!

The best part of it all?? My readers get to save!!!

Get 20% Off Entire Cart Of Gifts! Go to: and use coupon code N3CQD6AE on checkout!

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Serenity Depot Receives the Blogger Recognition Award!!!

I was sitting here the other day thinking, “Look at all these wonderful giveaways and contests- I can never win anything!” Lol. Then, I received a fabulous message from such a phenomenal writer, Malia Cunningham from
Definitely go over and check out her site! You will love everything about it! ❤ Thank you again Malia! I’m extremely humbled and honored to receive this award!

How Serenity Depot Began?

I have always enjoyed writing, everything from poetry to stories. I decided to finally make my blog live only about 2 months ago. I’ve been a stay at home mother for the past 2 years with my daughter and I have just had so much to share! Life with a teenage boy and a toddler girl is incredibly interesting and I needed an outlet! The wish for my blog has been to share my chaos about parenting, food, beauty, finance, etc and allow others to relate with their own chaos, and provide solutions for all of us to have an easier and happier life! I have been incredibly fortunate to be able to live out the dream of my blog, and make a few people smile and laugh at the same time! 😉

Advice for New Bloggers?

1.) Don’t give up! Anything that you put your heart and soul in to is possible! Anything!

2.) Absolutely be active on social media! Facebook, groups, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, everything! This has been a huge driving force for myself and so many other bloggers in getting our blogs out there and noticed!

3.) Stay true to yourself. No matter how successful you may see another person, you will always feel more fulfilled and be more successful by staying true to yourself and your content.

~*~Blogger Recognition Award Nominees:~*~

There’s such amazing talent out there and this part was truly the hardest! Here they go-

Muideen of
Toni of
Allie of
Heather of
Reg of
Tiffany of
Wife, mother, & blogger of
Nicole of
Lesli of
The Mr. And Mrs. of
Katie of

Congratulations everyone! I hope you’ll continue this cycle by following the guidelines mentioned below:

*Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide the link to their blog.

*Write a post to show your award.

*Give a brief story of how your blog started.

*Give 2-3 pieces of advice to new bloggers.

*Select at least 10 other bloggers you want to give this award to.

*Comment on each blog or message somehow and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

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For When Your Mind Is In Chaos

First up on my series of guest posters, is Amber Highlights!! She is such an amazing and inspirational writer, one who is passionate and full of so much to say. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this young lady! Amber— Take the spotlight! For When Your Mind Is In Chaos –

I suffer from a chaotic mind. It’s one of the worst things ever, as I have now developed full-on worry and anxiety. I am constantly frustrated and as expected, it disturbs my creative process.

It’s the worst because I always have this nagging feeling that what I do is not good enough or that something constantly needs to change in my life. People have different reasons why their minds are in total chaos, mine is because I doubt my abilities and I’m still holding on to past mistakes.

I wouldn’t say I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD), but I do have a hard time focusing long enough on one thing because of all the self-doubt questions that come racing, ‘What if you’re not good enough?’, ‘What if you make that mistake again?’. It’s nerve-wracking and I can hardly ever get anything done.

One of the major side effects of my chaotic mind is procrastination. Because I always want things to be perfect and because I constantly doubt my abilities to achieve perfection (which is totally ridiculous by the way), I tend to just leave my work undone until the last minute or I just abandon it totally.

I’ve had to learn ways to deal with my chaotic mind and they seem to be working for me. I mean, I was able to complete this post *pats self on the back*.

So here are the tips I’d love to share with you if you’re anything like me:

  • Accept that things might not always go your way: One of the funniest things about life is how easily it can throw out the most well-thought out plans. Some things in life are just not going to go your way. Throw out all unnecessary attachments to specific outcomes. If things don’t go your way, take another path. Do not sit and sulk.
  • Let go of your past mistakes: Holding on to them and constantly fearing a repeat will not stop them from re-occurring. All this does is hold you back from amazing life experiences and achievements. You are not a failure because you made a mistake that one time. Learn from it and move on.
  • FreeMindSupplementsDo not procrastinate: A good way to get out of your own head and do things is to just start doing them. I know it sounds weird but it has worked for me. I don’t wait to feel like it, I just get up and do things. This way, before my mind can overthink things, I am already one step ahead.
  • You need a little positivity: Start appreciating the little things, be grateful for life, second chances and everything else you have going for you. Stop focusing on the bad and inject happiness into your life. Also, start practicing positive affirmations. A good way to start is by looking into the mirror today and telling that awesome reflection of yourself that ‘You are enough’.
  • Center yourself: Meditation is a good way to do this. I’m either using meditation apps or incorporating yoga into my workouts or just spending some quiet time in nature. Do it whatever way you’re comfortable with. Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your headspace.

Get out of your head today, free yourself from worry and anxiety. Do not allow a chaotic mind to ruin your creative process or stop you from living your best life. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy life today!



“First of all, Amber is a pseudonym that I have chosen to write under so I can get as comfortable and personal as possible. Hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to show my face.

I’m a 20 something year old college student blogging about my life’s experiences and my journey to self-discovery, hoping to inspire people along the way.”

Amber Highlights Blog

Amber Highlights Facebook

Amber Highlights Instagram



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The Roadtrip That Almost Wasn’t

**This post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated if you purchase a product through that link.**

7am and that picture above is exactly how our roadtrip from Atlanta to Savannah started; everyone smiling, laughing, relaxed, enjoying the ride, and the baby asleep in her seat! Halfway to Savannah, we made a pit stop and all of a sudden this turned into the road trip that almost wasn’t.

I had taken a break from driving a few years back for personal reasons. So, I had absolutely no clue how I was going to react to other drivers on the road, to weather, and to the inevitable crabby baby cries and shenanigans! I was a nervous wreck.

My son was in the backseat, not paying attention, listening to his music with his ear buds on that we purchased from


Excuse my French, but all hell broke loose!! It started absolutely pouring rain out, I’m talking white out conditions where you have to drive 5mph or just pull over. We were caught in a band of rain from a small tropical storm that was passing by!

Smart? HA! Not at all, especially since we knew it was coming and I hadn’t driven in a while!
New Arrival Second Wave, Low To $0.95

To my demise, I couldn’t control it- I started cursing out the road, yelling at the rain, just so irritated! Of course what happened next? I woke my little girl up from her slumber and the shenanigans began!

She decided she needed to join in on the fun, and literally everything for about the next 10 minutes was a blur! It was just too much chaos for my mind to wrap around! Lol. This didn’t last for long though. I stopped at the nearest store, which happened to be a Dollar Tree where I found the best invention ever!!
A Crayola Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Pack!

(She was so proud of this picture. It hangs on my fridge!)

Let me tell you- This coloring pack is absolutely amazing! It’s 100% mess free, meaning that if your child gets it on a surface other than paper, then it goes on clear and it’s easy an cleanup if you choose to do so.
Get 10% off $25 at!

As silly as this sounds, I truly feel like Crayola saved the day, and really our entire trip!! I know that I wouldn’t have been able to finish that drive if all of that commotion kept up! Suddenly, I just didn’t care if we were still in the middle of a hurricane!

Here’s a few pics from the rest of our road trip to Savannah!


















I can honestly say….. The road trip that almost wasn’t, turned into the road trip that definitely was!

Up To 85% OFF New Arrival, Catch it now



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