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Holidays Are The Best Time To Be A Kid

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The holidays are such a magical time when you’re a kid! I can only appreciate it that much more when I’m watching my toddler experience everything for the first time.

In our house, the adventures of Skippy, our elf on the shelf, has become quite the hit! My little girl adores waking up each morning to see what adventures the day holds with her buddy. And trust me, she doesn’t let me forget about him!

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Then there’s the dozens upon dozens of cookies! I’m definitely a baking kind of mom as I learned how when I was super young. Now making all of my favorite holiday treats with my kids is something we all enjoy! The saddest part about it? I now have to share licking the mixer spoon! (LOL!)

And then of course, the first snowfall of a child’s life is something to be cherished. I live in Georgia, where snow is not a typical everyday happening. But when it started falling, my daughter just about lost her mind!!  She couldn’t believe her eyes and just kept running around the house screaming, “Snow!!” I know that we all remember that magical time as a kid. However, I had to be dressed to the tens in order to play in the snow when I was younger! The prettiest boots, the most stylish jacket, my hat and scarf had to match. I was impossible.

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The holidays are definitely the best time to be a kid! Make sure your little ones are styled perfectly for any occasion this year!
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