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8 Ways To Spring Clean Like A Minimalist

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This winter season has been quite the adventurous one. Maybe it’s because I have a two year old that makes everything magical, new, & exciting – maybe it’s all of the traditions and family time that were abundantly fun, but so quick to pass – or maybe it’s that the older I get, I have very little patience for drama, toxicity, and clutter in my life.

I have adapted a new routine lately of vegging out during the evening with my kids. Reese’s in my hand, popcorn, applesauce, juice, and chips in theirs, while we watch a Gilmore Girls marathon! (LOL) Well, my son and I watch while my little girl galavants around reading her Peppa Pig book and whipping us up a meal in her little kitchen. This is the exact break that I need right now. But in the midst of my sugar filled relaxation, our show watching came to a screeching halt. I took a look around and noticed that MY HOUSE RAN AWAY FROM ME!!

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This wasn’t just a mess that I forgot to clean, or a simple throw clothes in the washer, fold them and be done. There was clutter everywhere! Books stacked upon one another, three closets packed like sardines full of clothes, oh and the totes upon totes of stored stuff!

So, what do I announce to my kids?? That spring cleaning is coming early this year!! I had to get rid of this clutter and minimize my life a bit more. I couldn’t take it. Perhaps this winter wouldn’t have felt so busy and adventurous if I wasn’t bobbing and weaving my own possessions?! So here I am, happy to share with you 8 ways to spring clean like a minimalist…. Lord knows I’m working on it now! (LOL!)

  • Get Rid of Doubles!- This may be emotionally exhausting, but you will thank me later. Walk through your house with a box dedicated to doubles.
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    Have two sets of measuring cups? Throw one in the box. Have 5 spatulas and 20 cooking spoons? Cut it in half and throw the other half in the box. Duplicates of the same book or DVD? Put one in the box. Have 10 different sets of place mat sets? Be practical and throw some in the box. Once you’ve rummaged your home and filled the box, put it out of sight for a month. After time has passed, if you didn’t need anything from there, you have the option to sell these items. Personally, I donate it all!!

  • Organize Countertops, Utensils, & Clothing!- Clutter is a form of distraction. Maybe our minds are so cluttered that our spaces reflect it. Maybe not. Make it a point to have a place for everything, keeping your spaces completely clear. Store things in drawers, cabinets, and pantries.
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    Your local thrift store is likely to have these bakers racks and cabinets for dirt cheap! Take advantage of it!

  • Utilize All The Space That You Can!- When I had an epiphany last week, I was actually taken aback by myself. My shoes, purses, pictures, clothing were all shoved in various boxes and I realized I wasn’t using them as much as I’d like to. I decided to utilize space! Hanging my purses on the wall
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    is by far one of the best ideas.  It gives my room style plus they’re right in my face. Then I found a piece of 2×4 to screw in under the kitchen cabinets.

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    I now hang my pots and pans under there and this is seriously life changing!! It frees up much needed cabinet space for other things. Just open your mind and you will see that the space you need is all around you!

  • One Thing In, One Thing Out!- Studies show we wear only 20% of our clothes. They also show that we typically buy decorations because they simply fit the decor and don’t have any sentimental value to them. In my “spring cleaning” episode I decided to activate this theory. For every item I wanted to keep, I got rid of one item. For every item I buy at the store, I must get rid of two items! You guys– try it! You will quickly see how much junk you have that you can obviously donate to the next person!
  • Less Tv- Studies are also showing that in an American home, tv’s are staying on nearly 9 hours out of the day. That’s insane!! Combine that with the maybe 2-4 tv’s each house has, we’re watching a total of over a 24 hour period of shows. Just absolutely wasting our lives away. Try removing some of the tv’s in the house and then limit the time you actually sit down to watch something. It will be a challenge, but can you imagine the amount of quality time you will be able to spend with your family & friends then?!!
  • Save Money As A Buffer!- We all have bills to be paid- rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. Many of us have debt as well. I challenge you to find a realistic dollar amount that you would like to save by the end of the year and make it happen! This buffer is for emergencies ONLY! 
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    Put it out of sight, out of mind. But think about it- the more prepared you are for an emergency, the less stress you have. The less stress you have, the less cluttered your mind gets. It’s the trickle effect lol. If you would like more info on financial freedom check out my other post here!


    “Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.” – John Mark Green

    You will inevitably come across folks in your life that simply don’t want to see you do better than them. Ones that will try to sabotage, deceive, manipulate, and lie. And ones that will always point out your flaws rather than praise your successes. Part of my “spring cleaning” was to give my life a more positive focus. Personally, whether someone is family, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or whoever, is not a factor. I have cut ties with a few people and will continue to do so if needed. Those are the ones who had a problem for every solution- ones that would try to belittle me to make themselves feel better. My life is worth way more than the negativity and truth be told, my children depend on me for a positive happy life.

  • Take Time For Yourself!- YOU are deserving! YOU are a priority! Take care of YOURSELF so that you can enjoy the time you spend with others!
    Image Courtesy- Groupon

    Thankfully we all have the resource of! It’s no secret that they have some of the most amazing deals there!!!

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    The possibilities and deals are endless and at the tips of your fingers are all you need to let Groupon help take care of yourself!!

These 8 ways to spring clean like a minimalist are actually quite easy.

What are some ways that you guys choose to spring clean?!

I was able to get most of them done in just a few days!! I hope that you have found some inspiration here to minimize your life and ensure that you keep smiles on those lovely faces!! ✌

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5 Things To Do Before You Move Into A New Home

** I have been compensated for this post. All opinions and views are that solely of mine. **

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Being a first time home buyer can be absolutely terrifying- heck even moving into my first apartment was scary enough. The random sounds at all times of day/night and not having a single clue what it is yet, the smells of your neighbors living their lives- whether it’s food cooking or dirty socks and shoes by a door, or simply getting familiarized with the neighborhood.

The entire experience can be overwhelming. Thankfully, I found it super helpful to have a list to help keep me organized! This little handy one of 5 things to do before you move into a new home will help you organize your life a bit more. Who else could use help with their forgetfulness?!! I hope you find these tips helpful so you get the chance to actually enjoy the ambiance and excitement of moving into your new home!

  • Do A Deep Clean Of The House- Of course there’s many things to do before this step, but I put it first because it’s one of the most important to me! Being a germaphobe (except with my kids lol) I seriously cannot stand dirt, grime, or bacteria in my space. Many folks will leave the home clean for you. Even if they do, clean it again yourself. Hire a service, enlist the help of friends and family, just get it done.
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    Bleach will be your best friend!!! You will want to make sure to also have a pair of rubber gloves and plenty of buckets, brooms, mops, a vacuum, and other various surface cleaners. Remember- this is YOUR health you’re looking after.


  • Change Your Address/Set Up Utilities- There is one simple change of address form that you fill out. You can do this by visiting your local post office and more conveniently now, you may do it online. Mail will be automatically redirected to the new address, but you should also definitely contact banks, credit card companies, insurance companies and other important institutions and inform them of the change of address! As far as utilities, setting them up ahead of time is paramount to success. You may have a deposit for them that you have to prepare for ahead of time. But honestly, do you really think you can get all that cleaning done without your electric and water turned on?! (LOL!)


  • Paint Walls, Ceilings, Etc..- The sooner you start this, the more time you have for the paint to dry. Get to work! Personally, I like to take my time here. Attention to detail ensures that professional grade work has been put into it and I will not have to repaint for a long while!
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    Simply head to your local home improvement store, pick out your paint, don’t forget brushes, rollers, paint pan, stir stick, trimming tape, and grab a small container of spackle as well. If you have cracks, holes or other imperfections, prepping those surfaces can be chore and needs to be done before any painting. One of my favorite things to have is an accent wall! It’s such an amazing focal point in any room and has the ability of changing how large/small a room feels.


  • Organize! Organize! Organize! I’m a HUGE fan of using color coordinating tote boxes for each room or simply writing each room name on the box when moving! Don’t knock it til you try it! Save yourself a ton of time with this step and then when moving in, simply throw those boxes in their respective room! Done! Also, you will want to organize the bathroom first, as well as your kitchen cabinets and pantry. Check out my fabulous ideas for this right here!


  • Change The Locks!!- Let’s be honest here, the previous owners, realtors, maintenance, any of their family or friends are more than likely to have keys to your place. This will end today because after all, this is YOUR new home! As soon as closing is over, you can buy and install new door handles and deadbolts yourself. Thankfully for me, I have STL Locksmith LLC to help me with this process!
Image Courtesy- STL Locksmith LLC

STL Locksmith LLC is a metro Atlanta area company that has been servicing folks like me in the area since 2012. They are available 24/7 to help with emergencies such as being locked out of your vehicle or perhaps a burglary at your home (God forbid)! Competitive prices, professional staff and techs, and they also offer a simple click to call option on their website. How convenient! Professional installation of locks on your new home is definitely the way to go!

Image Courtesy- STL Locksmith LLC

I truly hope that you find these 5 things to do before you move into a new home a tad bit more beneficial and that they save you precious time doing unnecessary things!

Happy Moving Friends!!

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9 Ways To Organize Your Pantry

** I have been compensated for this post. All opinions and views are that solely of mine. **

Image- Pinterest

As a Mom it can be hard to keep anything in my house clean, let alone organized. The one thing I was determined to do when I flew the coup and moved into my new home was to keep our pantry as organized, tidy and neat as possible. We all know what kind of chaos can ensue with a toddler around! Why the pantry you’re wondering? Well, I love cooking! If my pantry is disorganized, I feel like I’m running around trying to keep the pots from boiling over, or the knife from my 2 ½ year old daughter’s hand. I just want to make sure that the items I’m going to be using in my dish are all neatly accessible to me.

I actually did a lot of research about what type of pantry I wanted mine to be- functional of course but also pretty too! Yes, pantries can be pretty (Lol!) I thought I would share 9 ways to organize your pantry since many of you have various questions about how I keep ours neat! Here are some of my tips for you all!

  1. Use Clear Containers-This storage solution is especially helpful for bulk-bin items, like rice, grains, and nuts. With neatly labeled clear containers, gone are the days of having four partially open bags of quinoa.
  2. Assess your pantry on a weekly basis- Keeping your pantry organized and in good shape doesn’t have to be a big task. Instead, make it part of your weekly meal-planning routine by taking a few minutes to do a quick inventory. Knowing what’s in there is the best way to make sure you’re cooking and eating what you already have, and avoid buying multiples of the same thing.
  3. Use sheet pans to group like with like- Heavy-duty and multipurpose, sheet pans and hotel pans make especially good organizers. Not only do they make grouping like ingredients together easy, but they’re also a great way to contain any inadvertent spills or leaks.

  4. Take 10 minutes every day to keep your pantry clean and tidy- A few everyday tasks that take just a few minutes — like wiping down pantry shelves, keeping package labels facing outward and visible, grouping like items together, and tossing expired items — will leave you with an always-tidy pantry.

  5. Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space- From crates and space-saving racks to pencil holders and magazine racks, household items can be a smart and inexpensive way to add even more storage to your pantry.

  6. Put Lids On The Door- If your pantry is big enough to hold all your pots and pants, use the door for lid storage! I love utilizing the lid handles to keep the items in place! It’s such a genius idea!

  7. Add Wallpaper or a Fun Design- Most pantries just have bare walls. Why not spruce it up a bit with adding a fun background design to make it a more inviting and brighter space to store your pantry items!

  8. Create Fun Shelving – Similar to adding wallpaper or a fun design to make my pantry stand out, I also want the shelving to look nice, clean and orderly. Premier Surfaces has a wide variety of options to choose from when thinking of a surface to use in your pantry.

    Image Courtesy- Premiere Surfaces

    Premier Surfaces is based in Atlanta but also has other stores in Alabama and Tennessee, and specialize in high quality surfaces like sturdy granite, marble or wood.  I love the way it makes my shelving look when I add containers and cans in my pantry!

  9. Add Hangers- If you have chips that are super bulky I hate trying to shove it into a small spot or a box. Now, just add some old children’s hangers to keep them fresh (and clipped)! Plus they free up space on my shelves too! It’s such a fun little hack!

So these are some of my easy organization pantry ideas that you can all try! If you have any other ideas, I can’t wait to hear about them! As long as your pantry fits you and your family’s needs, you are going to be well equipped with the tools you need to keep it manageable, fun and best of all, organized!

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Tips For Selling A Junk Car

** I have been compensated for this post. All opinions and views are that solely of mine. **

Have I mentioned my love of cars to you guys? I know that I have, but do you actually comprehend my obsession? (Lol!) And I know that you must remember me telling you about how you NEED to pamper your vehicles and take care of the maintenance! If you missed that post, you can find it right here!

Image- Serenity Depot
Image Courtesy- Telio Deetjen

From car shows, to modeling, and building cars & racecars with my father, I think it’s safe to say that I enjoy everything there is to enjoy about them.

Unfortunately though, throughout my life, my heart has been broken. Tragedy has stricken with multiple moving vehicle accidents and I was left with a decision on what to do with my vehicle afterwards. Do I fix it up? Let it rot in my driveway? Get a new car? Or sell it for parts?

Image- Serenity Depot

Once you’re in a wreck like above, there’s so much to think about. Is the car repairable? Do you have the time and money to get it running again? Did you have the proper insurance and will they be covering anything? Were windows left open when the car was towed and has mold started to fester? Mold was exactly what happened to me after I wrecked my last car!! Let me tell you, that is surely not an easy task to take on for recovery!

This is definitely one of the hardest things that someone may have to experience. We build a loving relationship with our cars and sometimes, we even give them names! I’m not guilty of that, but I sure do know many who have been!

So……. what must we take into consideration when we’re faced with a choice of letting our cars be bought by a junk car buyer?

Image Courtesy- Sanford and Sons Junk Cars

 ~~ Here Are A Few Tips For Selling A Junk Car ~~

#1- Is Your Car Actually Totalled?

  • After an accident, many insurance companies may try to get you processed and out of the system quickly. Being caught up in the moment, you may be prone to just saying “alright” to just have it be done and over with. You have options here though! Take a moment to assess the value of your vehicle, as well as what the insurance company is offering you. Don’t short change yourself!

#2- Are The Repairs Worth The Money If Insurance Is Not Involved?

  • Whether you have been involved in an accident or you simply have an old car sitting in your yard, at some point you may find yourself in a position of deciding if the repairs you need to make to have a functioning/healthy vehicle are worth it. If this happens to you, it’s important to remember that if you do decide to junk the vehicle, there are caring and reasonable companies to help you with the process and will respect your privacy.

#3- Prepare To Let The Car Go

  • GATHER YOUR BELONGINGS. Once you sign your car over to the junk car buyer, the car will most likely be disassembled for parts and scrap, leaving you no opportunity to retrieve your possessions later on.
  • GET PAPERWORK ORGANIZED. You will want to have your title and/or registration readily available. Each state differs with laws regarding junking a vehicle, as to whether you need a title or not. Check with your local DMV before you arrange for your vehicle to be picked up. Doing this will save you time, as well as any troubles if the vehicle were to end up stolen while in the hands of the scrapper.
  • SHOP AROUND AND RESEARCH YOUR JUNK BUYER! For some of us it may be embarrassing to have to junk a car, it may hold memories, we may need money, or many other reasons. Find yourself a buyer that is compassionate, understanding, and will protect your privacy. Look for your target payout and weigh your options.
Image Courtesy- Sanford and Son Junk Cars

Thankfully, in the metro Atlanta area, I have Sanford & Son Junk Cars available at my fingertips if I happen to need assistance again! I live just west of the city so being able to service me is not a problem for them. The folks at Sanford & Son service a large area of the metro. Check their website for your own convenience.

Paying the top dollar for your vehicle, you can rest assured that you will be properly taken care of with this junk car buyer! Sanford & Son accepts a large range of vehicles in all different conditions, they protect your privacy, plus they will help you with the necessary paperwork for transfer of ownership.

🔴 Call and receive a quote within 60 seconds!
🔴 Accept the offer and a FREE tower will meet you upon scheduling.
🔴 Get paid cash on the spot!

Image Courtesy- Sanford and Son Junk Cars

Are you ready to get the junk out of your possession and get the most cash back for it?