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This winter season has been quite the adventurous one. Maybe it’s because I have a two year old that makes everything magical, new, & exciting – maybe it’s all of the traditions and family time that were abundantly fun, but so quick to pass – or maybe it’s that the older I get, I have very little patience for drama, toxicity, and clutter in my life.

I have adapted a new routine lately of vegging out during the evening with my kids. Reese’s in my hand, popcorn, applesauce, juice, and chips in theirs, while we watch a Gilmore Girls marathon! (LOL) Well, my son and I watch while my little girl galavants around reading her Peppa Pig book and whipping us up a meal in her little kitchen. This is the exact break that I need right now. But in the midst of my sugar filled relaxation, our show watching came to a screeching halt. I took a look around and noticed that MY HOUSE RAN AWAY FROM ME!!

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This wasn’t just a mess that I forgot to clean, or a simple throw clothes in the washer, fold them and be done. There was clutter everywhere! Books stacked upon one another, three closets packed like sardines full of clothes, oh and the totes upon totes of stored stuff!

So, what do I announce to my kids?? That spring cleaning is coming early this year!! I had to get rid of this clutter and minimize my life a bit more. I couldn’t take it. Perhaps this winter wouldn’t have felt so busy and adventurous if I wasn’t bobbing and weaving my own possessions?! So here I am, happy to share with you 8 ways to spring clean like a minimalist…. Lord knows I’m working on it now! (LOL!)

  • Get Rid of Doubles!- This may be emotionally exhausting, but you will thank me later. Walk through your house with a box dedicated to doubles.
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    Have two sets of measuring cups? Throw one in the box. Have 5 spatulas and 20 cooking spoons? Cut it in half and throw the other half in the box. Duplicates of the same book or DVD? Put one in the box. Have 10 different sets of place mat sets? Be practical and throw some in the box. Once you’ve rummaged your home and filled the box, put it out of sight for a month. After time has passed, if you didn’t need anything from there, you have the option to sell these items. Personally, I donate it all!!

  • Organize Countertops, Utensils, & Clothing!- Clutter is a form of distraction. Maybe our minds are so cluttered that our spaces reflect it. Maybe not. Make it a point to have a place for everything, keeping your spaces completely clear. Store things in drawers, cabinets, and pantries.
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    Your local thrift store is likely to have these bakers racks and cabinets for dirt cheap! Take advantage of it!

  • Utilize All The Space That You Can!- When I had an epiphany last week, I was actually taken aback by myself. My shoes, purses, pictures, clothing were all shoved in various boxes and I realized I wasn’t using them as much as I’d like to. I decided to utilize space! Hanging my purses on the wall
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    is by far one of the best ideas.  It gives my room style plus they’re right in my face. Then I found a piece of 2×4 to screw in under the kitchen cabinets.

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    I now hang my pots and pans under there and this is seriously life changing!! It frees up much needed cabinet space for other things. Just open your mind and you will see that the space you need is all around you!

  • One Thing In, One Thing Out!- Studies show we wear only 20% of our clothes. They also show that we typically buy decorations because they simply fit the decor and don’t have any sentimental value to them. In my “spring cleaning” episode I decided to activate this theory. For every item I wanted to keep, I got rid of one item. For every item I buy at the store, I must get rid of two items! You guys– try it! You will quickly see how much junk you have that you can obviously donate to the next person!
  • Less Tv- Studies are also showing that in an American home, tv’s are staying on nearly 9 hours out of the day. That’s insane!! Combine that with the maybe 2-4 tv’s each house has, we’re watching a total of over a 24 hour period of shows. Just absolutely wasting our lives away. Try removing some of the tv’s in the house and then limit the time you actually sit down to watch something. It will be a challenge, but can you imagine the amount of quality time you will be able to spend with your family & friends then?!!
  • Save Money As A Buffer!- We all have bills to be paid- rent, mortgage, utilities, insurance, etc. Many of us have debt as well. I challenge you to find a realistic dollar amount that you would like to save by the end of the year and make it happen! This buffer is for emergencies ONLY! 
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    Put it out of sight, out of mind. But think about it- the more prepared you are for an emergency, the less stress you have. The less stress you have, the less cluttered your mind gets. It’s the trickle effect lol. If you would like more info on financial freedom check out my other post here!


    “Toxic people attach themselves like cinder blocks tied to your ankles, and then invite you for a swim in their poisoned waters.” – John Mark Green

    You will inevitably come across folks in your life that simply don’t want to see you do better than them. Ones that will try to sabotage, deceive, manipulate, and lie. And ones that will always point out your flaws rather than praise your successes. Part of my “spring cleaning” was to give my life a more positive focus. Personally, whether someone is family, friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or whoever, is not a factor. I have cut ties with a few people and will continue to do so if needed. Those are the ones who had a problem for every solution- ones that would try to belittle me to make themselves feel better. My life is worth way more than the negativity and truth be told, my children depend on me for a positive happy life.

  • Take Time For Yourself!- YOU are deserving! YOU are a priority! Take care of YOURSELF so that you can enjoy the time you spend with others!
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    Thankfully we all have the resource of Groupon.com! It’s no secret that they have some of the most amazing deals there!!!

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    The possibilities and deals are endless and at the tips of your fingers are all you need to let Groupon help take care of yourself!!

These 8 ways to spring clean like a minimalist are actually quite easy.

What are some ways that you guys choose to spring clean?!

I was able to get most of them done in just a few days!! I hope that you have found some inspiration here to minimize your life and ensure that you keep smiles on those lovely faces!! ✌

40 thoughts on “8 Ways To Spring Clean Like A Minimalist

    1. Lucky You! I used to read ALL the time, lile a book every two days. But having kids have given me little patience to actually sit down. I think I’m always anticipating the next moment hell breaks loose 😂

  1. When i learned the good value of spring cleaning from my Mom, I never looked back. It became a habit in us, and spring cleaning is a good stress therapy as well. Feels refreshing to declutter!

  2. i really loved this! “ I have very little patience for drama, toxicity, and clutter in my life.” completely agree, that adapted new routine did sound amazing though 😀 there are so many great ideas here! And also equally entertaining. 20 cooking spoons hahha.

  3. Weldone , as they say cleanliness is good for the health and an a clean freak. What I do is I clean as I go in anything am doing .

  4. So true! I actually never buy clothes because I still fit into the clothes I wore in high school, and my mother in law LOVES to sew so she is always making me clothes. I am only ever clearing them out.
    Also, love Groupon. It is where I buy all of my treats to myself for a “me day”.

    1. Yessss, I love Groupon too! As far as the clothes, I am so guilty of having clothes from 10+ years ago but STILL buying new ones! Lol this method helped me get rid of a few!

  5. It’s crazy time flown by so fast that we’re a few months away from spring. I agree with watching less TV when I start watching less TV I had way more time to focus on the important stuff in life.

  6. I need to stick to the one thing in and one thing out tip because lately I have been breaking that rule because they can sometimes look too pretty but it’s time to own up and get rid of the partners.

  7. I’m so much better at cleaning out my kids stuff to include unused toys, clothes that are too small or boops they out grew. The rest of the house doesn’t receive the same treatment. I’m working on it though.

  8. I need these tips in my life! We live in a tiny bungalow and we both have way to much stuff for it! So we need to try and spring clean and think about what we do and don’t need in the long term.

  9. These are some pretty useful pointers. It sometimes becomes difficult to get rid of some things and we cling on adding to the clutter. One needs to be merciless in that regard sometimes.

  10. Your evenings sound every bit as wonderful as mine. It’s my favorite time of the day. I need to use your tips and start my spring cleaning early as well. I’ve got too much clutter and it’s driving me crazy. A Swedish/hot stone massage sounds so good right now.

  11. Decluttering, yes!!! There’s a form of serenity that comes with it. Everyone needs to Declutter from time to time and your tips are very useful.

  12. I love decluttering my home, and wardrobe and even my social media circle. I dont like toxic people and I do purge people whose giving only negativities.

  13. I’m dreading spring cleaning, I always feel so attached to things and never want to throw anything away. Good thing my partner keeps me balanced! And yay for groupon, I love using it when I visit other cities and at home.

  14. These are some great tips. I aim to be a minimalist but always find I accumulate more than I need and am throwing things out every year, so hopefully, I’ll try some of these and things will work out better!

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