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As a Mom it can be hard to keep anything in my house clean, let alone organized. The one thing I was determined to do when I flew the coup and moved into my new home was to keep our pantry as organized, tidy and neat as possible. We all know what kind of chaos can ensue with a toddler around! Why the pantry you’re wondering? Well, I love cooking! If my pantry is disorganized, I feel like I’m running around trying to keep the pots from boiling over, or the knife from my 2 ½ year old daughter’s hand. I just want to make sure that the items I’m going to be using in my dish are all neatly accessible to me.

I actually did a lot of research about what type of pantry I wanted mine to be- functional of course but also pretty too! Yes, pantries can be pretty (Lol!) I thought I would share 9 ways to organize your pantry since many of you have various questions about how I keep ours neat! Here are some of my tips for you all!

  1. Use Clear Containers-This storage solution is especially helpful for bulk-bin items, like rice, grains, and nuts. With neatly labeled clear containers, gone are the days of having four partially open bags of quinoa.
  2. Assess your pantry on a weekly basis- Keeping your pantry organized and in good shape doesn’t have to be a big task. Instead, make it part of your weekly meal-planning routine by taking a few minutes to do a quick inventory. Knowing what’s in there is the best way to make sure you’re cooking and eating what you already have, and avoid buying multiples of the same thing.
  3. Use sheet pans to group like with like- Heavy-duty and multipurpose, sheet pans and hotel pans make especially good organizers. Not only do they make grouping like ingredients together easy, but they’re also a great way to contain any inadvertent spills or leaks.

  4. Take 10 minutes every day to keep your pantry clean and tidy- A few everyday tasks that take just a few minutes — like wiping down pantry shelves, keeping package labels facing outward and visible, grouping like items together, and tossing expired items — will leave you with an always-tidy pantry.

  5. Make use of household items to give your pantry more storage space- From crates and space-saving racks to pencil holders and magazine racks, household items can be a smart and inexpensive way to add even more storage to your pantry.

  6. Put Lids On The Door- If your pantry is big enough to hold all your pots and pants, use the door for lid storage! I love utilizing the lid handles to keep the items in place! It’s such a genius idea!

  7. Add Wallpaper or a Fun Design- Most pantries just have bare walls. Why not spruce it up a bit with adding a fun background design to make it a more inviting and brighter space to store your pantry items!

  8. Create Fun Shelving – Similar to adding wallpaper or a fun design to make my pantry stand out, I also want the shelving to look nice, clean and orderly. Premier Surfaces has a wide variety of options to choose from when thinking of a surface to use in your pantry.

    Image Courtesy- Premiere Surfaces

    Premier Surfaces is based in Atlanta but also has other stores in Alabama and Tennessee, and specialize in high quality surfaces like sturdy granite, marble or wood.  I love the way it makes my shelving look when I add containers and cans in my pantry!

  9. Add Hangers- If you have chips that are super bulky I hate trying to shove it into a small spot or a box. Now, just add some old children’s hangers to keep them fresh (and clipped)! Plus they free up space on my shelves too! It’s such a fun little hack!

So these are some of my easy organization pantry ideas that you can all try! If you have any other ideas, I can’t wait to hear about them! As long as your pantry fits you and your family’s needs, you are going to be well equipped with the tools you need to keep it manageable, fun and best of all, organized!

21 thoughts on “9 Ways To Organize Your Pantry

  1. I am so glad to hear that you like cooking but yes I can imagine that keeping a pantry organized when you have kids can be quite difficult. So I like the sound of using clear containers and making use of household items like a crate can be a great way of utilizing your pantry!

  2. I totally love the way you organized your pantry so much effortlessly. Wish I could do the same. Organising things is even a more difficult task for me than climbing mountains I suppose. Will have to start from somewhere at least. This article is perhaps my entry point.

  3. I have never seen such an organised and clean pantry. I can completely imagine how hard it is so keep it organised and you’ve done an awesome job. Great tips!

  4. I wish we had a proper pantry! We have tiny ones at the moment but using clear jars help keep it organized. Using sheet pans is a great idea.

  5. Shelving can be a great way to creatively solve and storage issue! I’m so glad you included it on your list. Lots of options create unique ways to store your things!

  6. I always wanted to do something like this and your photos look so good I may try it again now! Will follow your tips and get some fun wallpaper and take a good day to organize everything!

  7. Very simple tips and cool as well. Images also look good. I like organizing.Can you write a housewarming tips for first timers? You know for someone who have less money who relies on food and games? Would be rrally helpful.

  8. OK first off can I just have the pantry pictured? I don’t even care about the food as much as the space and it’s oh so pretty! I have a small pantry, so it’s not hard to see what’s in it and what’s not. It would be fun to add some wallpaper in it to liven it up! It definitely won’t fit my pots though that would be handy!

  9. I loved the idea of taking out just 10 min a day to keep it clean and clutter free. I so much need to start that. Right now, I do it fortnightly and that takes a toll as by then it turns into a mess and I have to devote so much of time. Need to do it daily now!

  10. Thanks for your tips! This encourages me to check my pantry and reorganize it before Chinese New Year comes.

  11. Oh wow I love this so much. Organisation is one of my favourite past times (sad I know). I really like the containers on the top shelf for cereals etc. I wish I had a pantry! Maybe in my next house…

    Ami xxx

  12. I always love a good article on how to get organised because this is one area where, I feel, we all can use some help no matter how good we are already! I loved the idea of using clear containers and using the door for lid storage.

  13. I will remember this fore when I ever get a dang pantry, maybe my next house?! But I do use clear containers for things, it’s much easier to see what needs to be refilled/stocked, and it’s , of course, easier to see what is what!
    I love the fun wallpaper idea!

  14. You did such an amazing job with your pantry. I am going to have to do something like that with mine. But it begins with a new paint job in there first and redoing all the shelving. This is an inspiration.

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