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I’m really about to blow your mind here! Did you know……

  • Every 33 seconds a child under 12 is involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • In the U.S, 663 children ages 12 and younger died as occupants in crashes during 2015, and more than 121,350 were injured!
  • Of the children who have died, 35% were not buckled up or restrained properly.
  • These statistics are absolutely avoidable!

Having a little girl who was born a preemie, weighing only 4 lbs 10oz, I’m inherently a bit more overprotective of her in everything. That includes making sure her car seat is properly installed because after all, we are not trying to become a statistic! Cars.com talks about how they get involved with car seat safety and here are a few of my quick tips!

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#1- Have A Car Seat Friendly Vehicle 

I put this one first because you don’t really want to be toting your little ones around in some fancy shmancy two seater sports car that doesn’t have the proper car seat safety. It’s just out right dangerous. Not to mention, you need to make sure that the proper anchoring is available in the vehicle. Cars.com shares an article for three car seat cars to ensure that you have enough space in your vehicle, whether it’s for infant seats, convertible car seats, or booster seats.

#2- Read Your Manuals

Photo Courtesy- Cars.com

Car seats can be super confusing and reading both your car seat and vehicle manuals can really help you figure a few things out! This will help you with installing the car seat properly, as well as finding where all of the proper anchors in the car are at to ensure maximum safety.

#3- Follow Safety Recommendations

Most states have their own recommendations, some even laws, for the height and weight requirements for different types of car seats. Once again, check your manuals and if you need further help, DO NOT HESITATE to contact your local health department or police department for assistance. Remember, it has been proven time after time that it’s safer for children to remain rear facing as long as possible! My little girl is two and a half and as you can see in pics above, she still rides rear facing! Also, register your car seat!! This ensures that you’re able to be informed if there are any recalls!

#4- Get Inspected 

Whether you think you have installed the car seat properly, you can never be too safe with car seat safety. Search here to find locations near you that do car seat checks.

Photo Courtesy- Cars.com

The statistics above are completely avoidable. If we just take a few extra steps in car seat safety, they can be drastically reduced. Our children are our prizes and deserve the best protection! I hope you found these tips helpful, and please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need some more info!

16 thoughts on “4 Effective Car Seat Safety Tips

  1. My cousin is an officer who checks car seats and placement in vehicles. If I ever had a kid I am sure I would be paranoid about having everything correct. My sister is an awesome Mom, and she got pulled over several times for something not being right when it came to her car seat. Thank you for the reminders as I am sure not everyone is aware.

  2. I didnt know there are so many factors to look at about baby car seats. It is so important but not many people in Singapore are using a car seat. Kid without a car seat cannot be board on the car in Australia!

  3. I love that, at least here in Canada, there are police places which will properly set up your car seat for you and that the hospital will not discharge a mother until she can prove the baby will be taken home in a car seat which has been properly installed.

  4. Great tips here, I am sure many parents will find this really useful and help make the right choices when it comes to child safety.

  5. I think car seat safety is super important! Thanks for spreading knowledge about some important safety tips! And it’s always a good idea to get your carseat double checked by a pro!

  6. You are amazing, Mama! I salute you for thriving as mom, growing your heart (anyone who has had a premie and live to tell about it is is saint). This care seat post is much needed. I remember the 1st time we had to put our baby in one…and was nervous if we did it right. Your point #2 – read the manual is spot on. Blessings to you and your beautify fam. xo Evelyn, PathofPresence.com

  7. It’s amazing how many people don’t know proper car seat safety, even parents. Thank you for sharing such vital information!

  8. These are some great points you mentioned about car seat installation and safety, it is so important to have the car seat properly installed. As they say it always better to be safe than sorry.

  9. This is a great article! In fact, many parents have no idea or struggle with the installation of children seats and end up doing it wrong. Also, in many countries (like my home country), people are totally irresponsible and think “for half a kilometre trip I’m not doing all this fuss”. I once saw on facebook a friend of mine filming her kid WHILE driving, showing how the girl DANCED in the front seat without a proper seat or belt !! I was so shocked! I couldn’t believe and I wrote her a very energic message telling her she should take care of security for her child. She answered me “we were only travelling for 300 meters, it’s ok”. I was even MORE shocked!!!

  10. Some really helpful tips here for those parents (and those who look after young children) who need to fit car seats. When I was younger there wasn’t any advice or safety laws in place! x

  11. Nice …I had a premie too it was difficult in the beginning to just get her in the seat right bc she was so small. As they got older they are finding it easier and easier to get out of them . I tell you they are little magicians.

  12. So great that you took out time to write such an important article. Thank you for sharing your tips. Road safety is so important and we especially need to careful if we have a child with us.

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