Throughout my childhood, I could always be found with my father, learning something about working on race cars, doing mechanical work on my own future cars, repairing things around the house, various innovative DIY projects , basically anything that had to do with using my hands. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a girly girl to the core! I just have a little swirl of tomboy in me that loves finding easy to solutions for the everyday things in our lives. I was so ecstatic when my father saved the day and introduced me to this Diy Pvc Organization Tool.

Before I started on this journey of organizing my chaotic life (lol), this is what things actually looked like! That was my tub of shoes and a drawer in my bathroom. Looks pretty rough doesn’t it?! 

This new (well, new to me lol) pvc organization tool is so incredibly easy and cost effective! Once again, before I headed out to retrieve items, I checked out the pricing from various home improvement stores.

⛥PVC PIPING– depending on how large you want the diameter of the pipe to be, prices ranged from $6.27- $44.74 

PVC CEMENT– right around $4.94 per container

⛥GORILLA GLUE– around $4.87 per container

When I say that this project is easy, I really cannot be any more clear about that! Here are some steps you can follow to get some organization rolling in your life.

  • First and foremost you must cut the pvc piping to the size that you would like. You may use a table saw to do so, or honestly before you even leave the store, you can ask them to cut it for you.
  • Lay out a few pieces that you will use as your base.
  • Take your Gorilla Glue or pvc cement (whichever you choose) and apply a small line on the sides of the piping, making sure to go from one end to the other.
  • Press each piece together. Repeat this process for each pipe on the base. Then, start to build upwards, applying your adhesive, making sure that each pipe piece is connected to the other. (You may use a heavy object on each end to hold your piece together until it dries.)
  • You can paint the pvc to be more aesthetic with the other decorations in your house, or perhaps decorate with your choice of crafting material. Make it as beautiful as you’d like!!

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

One thing that I truly love about this project is that you can get pvc pipes as large or as small as you please! You can design a huge shelving rack out of it, make a desk top supply holder, use it in the garage for all your tools, or really anything else that you can think of!




Grab your shoes. Grab your keys. Hop in the car and head to your local home improvement store to get ready to build your next easy and cost effective organization project! In the end, this Diy Pic Organization Tool is much cheaper and more chic than buying some regular storage shelving! I love this one! ✌

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27 thoughts on “Diy Pvc Organization Tool

  1. Super easy and convenient way to help organize your stuff. I really like the wine holder picture. Who would have thought it would look so chic! Thanks for the tips!

  2. I absolutely love this idea. I especially like the shoe organizer. If I paint the tubes whites and wrap them with metal buckets it will look like a great industrial piece for the living room.

  3. At school, we train our students to make use of the waste materials. We have a project for it. We call it “recovering waste materials” by converting them into a useful gadgets or whatever. And yours is one of the ideas that they may adopt too. This is commonly known as recycling of waste materials for other useful purpose. By the way, what is PVC?

    1. Hey Gil! PVC is a synthetic plastic. It’s used in piping! OVER half of the world’s water piping and what not is made of pvc. It can also be used for insulation of electrical wires. Very durable and strong! Kids in your school would absolutely LOVE building things with this stuff! Comes in all sizes 😉

  4. Girl, this is brilliant. Go you for coming up with an awesome/ stylish solution to the ever evolving shoe monster that seems to take over my mudroom.

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