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Do You Groupon Your Coupons?!

Have you heard of Groupon? Do you Groupon your coupons??

I’ve heard of Groupon! In fact, I also use Groupon!

They are a website that offers 70,000 deals on over 9,000 retailers! Anytime I have shopping to do, I try use Groupon to save money. I don’t know about you, but if there is a chance for me to save some cash, I am all over it! I keep up with the Joneses and try to clip coupons and keep them in a coupon folder. I also look for deals around town, but one of the better sites that I have found is Groupon. This is where it’s at! At this very moment Groupon is even offering 25% off your first Groupon with code WELCOME at check out. I truly don’t think that saving gets any better than this!

On the Groupon site there are 70 deals and coupons for Target. One of my absolute favorite deals for Target is 5% Off + Free Shipping!

This deal is not only good online but, in store as well. If you use in store, no coupon code is needed. Everyone is eating this deal up! They also have 30% off in their home department. I could shop Target stores for nearly all of my household needs!

Another fabulous one that Groupon has is 42 deals for Travelocity.

With the holiday seasons quickly approaching us, most of us will be traveling. I know that I take whatever I can in the way of saving money on travel expenses!
Right now Groupon has a deal of Flights under $200 as well as Up To 70% off Featured Hotels!

These are just a few of the offers that Groupon is featuring! Be sure to check out all of the other retailers, whether you must use the coupon online or in person. They offer deals and coupons for many, such as Amazon which currently has 163 coupon deals, 68 deals from Walgreens, and many others like Ebay, Bed Bath and Beyond, Home Depot, amongst many others!




Groupon definitely has all of your shopping needs covered. Make sure you Groupon your coupons to get the most savings available!

6 thoughts on “Do You Groupon Your Coupons?!

  1. I never thought about groupon for my coupons! I will have to look next time that I need a code!

  2. I love Groupon. We saved so much money by using them for our last vacation!

  3. I just recently learned I could put the groupon app on my phone and it’s awesome!!!! I have it set so it shows me coupons relevant to where we are at so it’s awesome on vacations!!!!

    1. Yes exactly!! I love that you don’t have to limit yourself to one area!!

  4. Coupons are awesome!
    But unfortunately we dont have them here where I live.

  5. I love Groupon too! It has helped me save some money in ways that are not so conventional.

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