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I know that I have said this before, but it’s so odd to me to be raising two “only child” kids. One is 15 and the other is 2. While they both come from me and are at times very alike one another, they are also very, very different! My oldest enjoys his sports to an obnoxious amount (lol!), but he also loves his theatrical hobbies. My little girl absolutely loves to draw, color, paint, and create crafty projects of all sorts all the time. Both are incredibly musical, enjoying instruments and I’m getting ready to put my daughter in dance. So with these two being polar opposites, it’s very important to me to encourage their unique interests and skills, while tapping into their creative sides!

Photos Courtesy- Gymboree

Gymboree has a new #followyourart campaign, which is inspired by the ways that kids get creative! Whether they are putting their personal touch on an outfit, creating a painting, or acting in a play, the ways that kids express their creativity is always such a fun time!

Gymboree’s new spring collection is the perfect way for children to be able to get creative, especially for my little fashionista! With bright colors, happy designs, and the limitless possibilities of combinations, my sassy two year old would be in heaven! Really, any child could have fun with it!

Spring time is the best time to #followyourart! What inspires you or your family? What would you guys love to get creative with at this time? Let me know!

17 thoughts on “Follow Your Art With Gymboree

  1. I love that gymboree’s new children’s collection is inspired by encouraging children to be more creative. Not only is it great that their clothes are suited to both of your children but also that they have such a beautiful range of happy colours too.

  2. Its always fun to have our kids involve in art or something that they love at their early age – even for clothing best to give them options that they can be creative.

  3. That is a wonderful campaign to boost up the creativity of the little ones. I haven’t seen Gymboree here in Australia, but I’m sure it must be super exciting for you guys.

  4. Gymboree have such a nice spring collection especially that they inspire children’s creativity. Your daughter can really stand out with that. This is so inspiring!

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