First up on my series of guest posters, is Amber Highlights!! She is such an amazing and inspirational writer, one who is passionate and full of so much to say. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with this young lady! Amber— Take the spotlight! For When Your Mind Is In Chaos –

I suffer from a chaotic mind. It’s one of the worst things ever, as I have now developed full-on worry and anxiety. I am constantly frustrated and as expected, it disturbs my creative process.

It’s the worst because I always have this nagging feeling that what I do is not good enough or that something constantly needs to change in my life. People have different reasons why their minds are in total chaos, mine is because I doubt my abilities and I’m still holding on to past mistakes.

I wouldn’t say I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD), but I do have a hard time focusing long enough on one thing because of all the self-doubt questions that come racing, ‘What if you’re not good enough?’, ‘What if you make that mistake again?’. It’s nerve-wracking and I can hardly ever get anything done.

One of the major side effects of my chaotic mind is procrastination. Because I always want things to be perfect and because I constantly doubt my abilities to achieve perfection (which is totally ridiculous by the way), I tend to just leave my work undone until the last minute or I just abandon it totally.

I’ve had to learn ways to deal with my chaotic mind and they seem to be working for me. I mean, I was able to complete this post *pats self on the back*.

So here are the tips I’d love to share with you if you’re anything like me:

  • Accept that things might not always go your way: One of the funniest things about life is how easily it can throw out the most well-thought out plans. Some things in life are just not going to go your way. Throw out all unnecessary attachments to specific outcomes. If things don’t go your way, take another path. Do not sit and sulk.
  • Let go of your past mistakes: Holding on to them and constantly fearing a repeat will not stop them from re-occurring. All this does is hold you back from amazing life experiences and achievements. You are not a failure because you made a mistake that one time. Learn from it and move on.
  • FreeMindSupplementsDo not procrastinate: A good way to get out of your own head and do things is to just start doing them. I know it sounds weird but it has worked for me. I don’t wait to feel like it, I just get up and do things. This way, before my mind can overthink things, I am already one step ahead.
  • You need a little positivity: Start appreciating the little things, be grateful for life, second chances and everything else you have going for you. Stop focusing on the bad and inject happiness into your life. Also, start practicing positive affirmations. A good way to start is by looking into the mirror today and telling that awesome reflection of yourself that ‘You are enough’.
  • Center yourself: Meditation is a good way to do this. I’m either using meditation apps or incorporating yoga into my workouts or just spending some quiet time in nature. Do it whatever way you’re comfortable with. Meditation is one of the best ways to clear your headspace.

Get out of your head today, free yourself from worry and anxiety. Do not allow a chaotic mind to ruin your creative process or stop you from living your best life. Take a breath of fresh air and enjoy life today!



“First of all, Amber is a pseudonym that I have chosen to write under so I can get as comfortable and personal as possible. Hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to show my face.

I’m a 20 something year old college student blogging about my life’s experiences and my journey to self-discovery, hoping to inspire people along the way.”

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15 thoughts on “For When Your Mind Is In Chaos

  1. I am with you on letting go of past mistakes, I have a bad habit of holding on to things. But i am working on it.

  2. you’re so honest in sharing your feelings – that’s great! i deal with anxiety quite a bit too & not procrastinating helps me a ton – i always try to stay ahead of everything & it helps keep my calm when I’m on top of things

  3. Mental detox through keeping a journal where you can ‘download’ all your thoughts and worries every night is a simple and effective way to calm the mind down. After that, meditation becomes simpler and the mind has more free space for positive thought reinforcements to seep in… at least, this method worked for me.

  4. Beautifully written. I also suffer from a hectic and chaotic mind, and it is so hard to shut off. It takes daily practise so thank you for the tips!

  5. these are all amazing tips, especially since I have a chaotic mind as well.. i find that when I slow down and just enjoy the moment, I get in a good place in my mind as well <3

  6. I let go of past hurts easily… once forgiveness has been given I let that out of my heart permanently but I am surrounded with someone who can’t let anything go and that is hard…. I like the idea of a journal for writing down thoughts.

  7. So many great tips! I whole heartily agree with finding the positive in just about every situation. It has helped me a great deal.

  8. A wonderful read I guess we all suffer from this at some point or the other. Handy tips and if I might add what works the most for me is to read a light book or even go for a run.

  9. As they say, it’s the monkey mind that needs to be controlled. The hardest to control is your own mind, and if you can master that, you’ve mastered life pretty much.

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