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$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

You guys know by now how much of a sucker I am for saving money! You also know how much I appreciate shopping at Dollar Tree to do my crafting for the holidays! If you missed those posts, you can find one right here. This spring and Easter season is no different and I decided I would take another trip to my local store to see what I can find. Lucky for my kids and I, we found an abundance there to be able to create this super easy Easter egg hunt basket!

Here are the steps I took to get crafty this Easter with my toddler at Dollar Tree!

Photo- Serenity Depot

Walking into the store, there was a huge display of beautiful decor to make anyone’s spring time much brighter! I’m sure you’re just as tired with winter as I am! I was suddenly in crafting heaven though (lol!)

Photo- Serenity Depot

At home I already had a basket from a previous year, a hole punch, scissors, and pipe cleaners. At Dollar Tree I picked up some decorative flowers, in the school area I found those cute little caterpillar cut outs, some glitter glue, and a whole lot of adventure!

Now Here Comes The Fun!

#1- Jazz Up Your Eggs

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First and foremost we filled our plastic eggs with some delish toddler snacks that we also picked up at the store!! You could only imagine how excited my daughter was that she was able to craft and munch at the same time! Not to mention I was happy for this healthier option!

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Next, we got busy with the glitter glue! I decided to go with this option because it’s super easy for tiny hands and it allowed her to make whatever design her heart desired! As you see above, when you’re done painting, use an empty egg carton to allow the glued eggs to dry!

#2- Get Crafty With Paper Cutouts!

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Dollar Tree had many different insect cutouts to choose from, but I chose the caterpillar because it went best with my crafting idea!

  • Hole punch two holes for the eyes
  • Punch one hole for the nose
  • Hole punch one hole at the top of the head to string pipe cleaners through
  • Give your child a crayon, marker, or glitter glue to allow them to decorate as pleased!
  • String pipe cleaners through and set them straight for the antennas

Viola!! You have a beautiful creation for your basket! Set the caterpillars aside to dry if need be while you finish up the rest of the basket.

#3- Put Your Finishing Touches

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Grab your basket and filler essentials and get to work! Throw your fake grass at the bottom of the basket. I cut the stems off of my fake flowers (hopefully I don’t kill these too lol) and laid the flowers on top of my grass. Add your toddler snack filled eggs, embellish with the caterpillars, and any other little trinkets you please. And BAM!!!!

Photo- Serenity Depot

Dollartree.com never ceases to amaze me with what I am able to find! Take a look around yourself for your own  Easter Crafts, Supplies, and More!

9 thoughts on “Get Crafty With Your Toddler at Dollar Tree

  1. I can’t believe how this year is flying by! It seems only yesterday it was New Year’s. Now, we’re gearing up for Easter! Wow. Anyway, your DIY Easter basket looks really cute and made even more special because you made it with your toddler!

  2. We have a similar concept store in the UK called Poundland and it really is amazing what you can find especially when it comes to picking up supplies for upcoming craft sessions. I am loving the colourful Easter Egg basket it is so cute!

  3. Awww how cute is your easter basket, love all the pink, specially how you cut the fake flowers and arranged them! So springy!

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