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DIY Halloween With The Toddler For $10 Or Under At Dollar Tree

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I’m a mother of two amazing young people, ages 2 and 15. Sometimes it feels like they are two peas in a pod, and often other times it feels like I am raising two “only child” children. My little one has renewed this part of my heart that reminds me that life is so simple and enjoyable. She is innocent. The world and all that’s in it is brand new to her. She literally laughs at everything. That’s why this fall I have decided to save some money, and DIY Halloween with the toddler for $10 or under at Dollar Tree!

Party Supplies, Costumes, and Everything For DIY’S!!

Walking through my local Dollar Tree was an amazing time!! You can use the store locator on to find the one nearest you, or simply Shop Scary-Good $1 Halloween Deals at! Not surprising, I walked out of my store with more than just Halloween supplies!

I decided that making a DIY Trick-Or-Treat bag was perfect for my little girl. This will be her first year going out!! And of course, she has to be dressed up as the princess that she is! We also picked up this package of “Mr. Potatoe Head- esque parts to use on our pumpkin next month!
I actually found this package of two tote bags and glitter glue in the craft section. I surely couldn’t pass up this opportunity! Now here’s the fun part- – –

Lay tote bag on the floor (or any flat surface)
Give toddler the glitter glue (Don’t worry, it’s non-toxic!!)
Let her go to town making her own creation!






Don’t forget to hang dry your bag! 








I wish I was able to capture the true beauty of this Halloween activity; our one year old Pekingese puppy sure wanted to get in on the fun as well! I am super excited for Halloween Day to come so my pretty princess can stroll about the streets, in her new princess items we bought for her, and gather me a bunch of candy for the first time! (Like how I said that?? Lol) Keep an eye out for those pictures!

 Everything is just $1 when you shop!!  I can’t wait to see all of your Halloween pictures and crafts, and hopefully you bought them at as well!!

44 thoughts on “DIY Halloween With The Toddler For $10 Or Under At Dollar Tree

  1. Wow.. Very cute DIY! Super easy too, it can be done by younger kids.

  2. People seriously underestimate Dollar tree. Me, however love it Especially for little kids it’s amazing. I’ll have to see if our local store has those bags, like those becuase thats better than buying a pumpkin basket.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by how much they had there and all of the possibilities of crafting material was amazing!

  3. That’s awesome! What a great idea to save for Halloween!

  4. Great timing, I am looking for Halloween costume inpiration for the little ones. The dollar store is great place to find affordable accessories to help make a costume pop.

  5. It’s so cute that you’ve found an economical way to have fun with your child. It helps to spend less especially when they’re growing so fast. Enjoy!

  6. Wow this such a creative hack! and very affordable to make at home. Would love to give it a try this weekend. Thank you for sharing with us 🙂

  7. Dollar Tree is affordable and you made some great picks! also, loved the idea of drawing on a bag. Brilliant for little kids!

  8. oh my ! look at the options available! i can easily imagine one over shopping here ! lol! happy weekend!

  9. I just love all the cute little and super affordable options. Our dollar tree is new and has so many cheap yet easy and cute ideas. Perfect for 1-2 times use and then stow away for play time until they “expire.” At which point, we can easily toss and re-buy again next time 🙂

    1. Yes exactly!! We typically use everything for play items afterwards too lol.

  10. How cool, I have a few friends with kids that are around this age and this would be fun for them to do with them now with halloween right around the corner. Thank you for this suggestion.

  11. With the difference in their age – 2 and 15 – its hard to believe they are ever like one pea in a pod. Don’t you adore shopping at the really cheap store?

    1. I do!! If it’s a really greatly stocked store, I can find so many things I can use. Lol and trust me, sometimes they are two peas in a pod. My 15 year old son loves teaching her all these fun tricks to try to get on my last nerve and then they collaborate! They do have alot of fun together. I think it helps him keep his mind off of teenager things lol.

  12. Super Cute DYI! at the same time I love the dollar tree! I get so much stuff from there! Almost every holiday I am able to find something that goes great! Especially halloween and christmas!

  13. Dollar tree is brilliant and you have really shown how you dont have to spend much to make a toddlers day. I hope she enjoys her halloween!

  14. Such a heartwarming article, thanks for sharing. Kids don’t really care which shop you go, do they? Well mine dont that’s for sure.

    1. Lol nope, mine sure don’t either.

  15. These look great, I think it is so much more fun for little ones if they can make their own, and these days there is so much more options available to choose and make your own unique items x

  16. The dollar tree is so great for getting craft materials. I go there all the time!

  17. 2 and 15?! That’s crazy, but at least your 15-year-old can help out with the 2yo right? My mom used to make all my halloween costumes and I still look back on those costumes very fondly.

    1. That’s what I remember growing up as well! I’m thankful to have the opportunity to do the same for her!

  18. Dollar Tree always have some of the cutest items for any season. I’m sure the little one enjoyed getting her items for Halloween.

  19. Great ideas for halloween, loved it that Toddlers can put their creativity into it, so along with fun there is a development part going on for them.

  20. That is a huge gap between your kids. How do they get along?

    1. Lol they actualy get along really well! My 15 year old is determined to teach her the ropes on how to properly annoy me, so they love teaming up. And hes a great big brother, plays with her and Everything all the time! ❤

  21. Seems super easy. Will get to work with my three year old kid. Hope he loves it. Will leave the feedback again later!

    1. Yes please do!! I would love to see what you come up with!

  22. Definitely cool diy halloween ideas! No need to spend a lot, and save the money for a more important celebration.

    1. My thoughts exactly!

  23. What a beautiful DIY. It’s so easy to do and o adorable. I hope that she enjoys the Halloween.

    1. I know she will, shes getting excited already! 😉

  24. Ooh this all looks great! Halloween has become such a huge event hasn’t it? When I was younger there was no merchandise at all!

    1. Lol I know, we would pretty much just revamp our costumes from the previous year! 😂

  25. We have Poundland in the UK and I always manage to find some amazing buys here.

  26. I wish we had a Dollar Tree in Malaysia. I seriously get jelly seeing people making great stuff using Dollar Tree items.

  27. Oh yes, the halloween season is here! Unfortunately it’s not a big thing where I live. It’s always nice when kids can be involved by themselves and see how the process goes.

  28. I think its lovely for kids to get involved in any celebration and being part of it. Maling your own devorations and bags sounds much more fun and personalised.

  29. We have poundland which is similar to Dollar tree and it has a great selection of goodies, especially for Halloween. Its great that you got Halloween goodies for under £10 x

  30. Your child did an amazing job on the bags. My daughter loves glitter glue and always has. Such a great project.

    1. Thank you! 😉

  31. We have a Dollar Tree near us and there really are some great deals to be had. I wish I’d have known of it when my kids were little. Holidays can get to be so expensive and why spend an arm and a leg when you don’t have to? x

  32. This looks so adorable and really perfect for Halloween party. I will definitely share this with my friends who love to celebrate Halloween party.

  33. Wow ages 2 and 15 is quite the difference. I’m sure it can be hard to please both of them at times. Thank God for the dollar tree!

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