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So often, too many of us get swept away with the hubbub of life, the commotion in our heads, the joyful chaos of raising our children, the tediousness of work. Many times we forget to just slow it down, enjoy this amazing life that we work so hard to create. We’ve become robots and such creatures of habit, that we forget to really enjoy one another. But why?? We all really do deserve happiness! Well, I’ve found some great ways to keep living the good life with our friends and families, a life full of laughter and fun- because after all, people who play together, stay together!


Singles Vacations

We all want to live a fulfilled life, have caring family and friends, and be able to enjoy them! What better way to do so than to live every day like it’s your last?!

  • Take a vacation!! One of the best ways that I have found (at least for myself and many others that I know) to unwind and be reminded to live, is to get away and clear my head; large or small trip, it doesn’t matter! Pack yourself, or you and your family up and hit the road jack!!
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Laughter is food for the soul! Literally! Did you know that just 15 minutes of laughing per day can burn up to 40 calories? Laughing also lowers blood pressure, releases endorphins, and so much more. Jokes and laughing can actually help people grow closer to one another as well.

  • Play Together! This next one I hold near and dear to my heart. I have purchased this bundle and it has brought my family and friends so much closer than I imagined it would. Take one day (or many if you can!) and put them aside for a quality board game or activity night from  AWESOME PACK. This awesome idea is a monthly subscription (that you can pause anytime) that sends a box of board games and activities based on what your interests are!!! HOW FUN IS THAT?!?!! This pack has two different boxes, one that is geared toward 15 yrs old and younger, and another that is geared toward adults. Friends and family unite, play together, laugh and Get Awesomed with Awesome Pack!

Awesome Pack - Get Awesomed


Through the chaos in life, love absolutely hands down has to be the easiest one here to do. The people that we care about the most may drive us up a wall, but they will always hold that special place in our hearts.


In my world, it’s a necessity to fulfill all three of those every single day! My sanity, my serenity, and my relationships depend on it. Just remember- people who play together, stay together. Find ways to implement that and you will see your quality of life dramatically be enhanced! ✌

35 thoughts on “People Who Play Together, Stay Together

  1. This was really cute!! The Awesome pack sounds really fun! My fiance and his family adore board games. This would be a super cute present for them! Traveling really does bring people together and it also shows you how compatible you are with another person/family. Travel can be a blast, but it can also test you! Luckily my fiance is my favorite travel partner!



    1. Enjoy every minute of your travels!! But yes, that awesome pack is definitely something to invest in! It’s me, my 2 year old, and my 15 year old- and that box has something for everyone that we can all enjoy together!!

  2. I so agree with every single one of your points here! My boyfriend and I are both big gamers and instead of watching TV every evening, we’re always wrapped up in a board game or computer game. It definitely helps you bond and stay connected.

  3. Your so so right here!! I especially love the ideas of getting photo books and canvasses to share the memories!!

  4. I totally agree with you about traveling with your loved ones! Our son was born before we were married, so our honeymoon at Sandals definitely reconnected us as two people in love. Didn’t have to divide our attention to a then-3-year-old for a week. It was so nice to just talk and relax like normal adults. We plan to go back in 2 years for a special anniversary trip. 🙂

  5. This is so true. My husband and I often joke about how we have nothing in common and don’t even hang out with each other. But when we DO get out, it really boosts our relationship and makes us feel more connected. Also the fake lotto tickets looks like a hilarious idea. I’d love to get his reaction on video.

  6. This is great! Absolutely the truth. With an 18 month old we have a hard time getting out so we watch consistent tv shows together or play games while our kiddo is asleep. One of our favorites is impractical jokers on the tru channel!!

    1. Oh my goodness, I cannot get enough of that show! My 15 year old is the one who introduced it to me and now we can’t get off it lol.

  7. This is so true! We live in a world that forces us to move at a fast pace and all to often our family members suffer because we are just trying to keep up. But I love all your practical and helpful tips for couples that are determined to make their relationship be a happy and lasting one.

  8. People Who Play Together, Stay Together! so very true, we never leave each other but also couldn’t be away from eachother as it would feel like we are losing a limb 🙂 find that special someone

  9. This is such an uplifting post 🙂 exactly what I was looking for after an exhausting and stressful week. Playing together sounds so much fun – haven’t done that in a long long time !! Thank you 🙂

  10. What I love about your post is the focus on just relaxing, playing and having fun as a family. Too often we get caught up in day to day, and you know what in the bigger scheme of things, living and enjoying life with family and good friends is important.

  11. Taking a vacation is definitely a good idea and you can always find a reason for one. A vacation is relaxing for all the members of the family and it will automatically bring laughter and playfulness.

  12. Just yesterday, I was thinking that I should keep a colouring box and sheets in the car when we go on road trips. Fantastic idea, isnt it?

    1. Yes definitely! I never thought it before because I figured she was too young! Definitely changing that mindset now.

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