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Save Money With This DIY Outdoor Bench!

Buying already made benches (or really any outdoor furniture) can be so incredibly expensive!!! Save money with this DIY outdoor bench!
Why in this ever-loving world do we continue to break our banks when there are so many inexpensive DIY projects that we can do ourselves?!?!! These are so easy that even little 5 year old Sweet Sally or 60 year old Grandma Goldilocks can do it as well! Put a little pout on your face and put your hubby to work! ✌

Before I even thought about suggesting this project to you, I checked out the pricing on multiple home improvement sites. Here’s what I found:

⛥HomeDepot- cinder block costs $1.50 each (you need 14), 4×4 pressure treated wood costs $8.42 each (you need 6), cushions $6.98 each (I accounted for 3 cushions)– GRAND TOTAL IS $92.46!!

⛥Lowe’s- cinder block costs $1.42 each (14 needed as well), 4×4 pressure treated wood costs $8.42 each (6 needed as well), cushions $6.98 each (again, 3 cushions)– GRAND TOTAL IS $91.34!!

That is absolutely amazing and unheard of!!!

  I also went on to check out pricing of already made outdoor benches, and you will just not believe what I found…. Anywhere between a whopping $398- $998. For me, that’s absurd. You are literally saving anywhere between $300-$900 by making an easy assemble bench yourself!

I absolutely love the look of this DIY bench. It has a little modern style to it, a little country, and just the right size. Oh yea, I can also customize the seating cushions to be whatever I choose, rather than taking what is provided with an already made bench 😉 You can also pick up a can of cinder block paint for fairly cheap, if you so choose to put color onto your bench.

⛥⛥Get your children together, bring your significant other, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, friends, and coworkers- and bring them all to the store with you so they can pick up these items to make their own DIY benches as well! That’s how easy this project is. Minimal work and you can put it ANYWHERE you please! ✌


34 thoughts on “Save Money With This DIY Outdoor Bench!

  1. Lovely idea and amazingly creative.. Keep sharing 😊

    1. I definitely will! Thank you!

  2. Beautiful suggestions that combine both beauty and economy. You gave us ideas….

  3. Great idea! I love how it is customizable too!

  4. That’s the real creativity..

  5. You are super creative!!!
    I m terrible for diy stuff ha ha
    I’ve started cooking regularly now, guess I gotta start somewhere and someday I will be good at doing things myself like this bench you made, really cool!

    1. I love working with my hands! So I’m down to build pretty much anything lol

  6. So creative! I would never thought about that by myself.

  7. What a fun repurpose!!!

  8. What a fantastic eye for diy you have! I would never be able to be this creative and design my own furniture and put it together so well!

    1. Thank you so much!! I love working on really anything! Lol

  9. A friend of mine was just asking if I knew anyone who made patio fur iture out of pallets. Im going to share this with her!

    1. Yes do it!! She would probably love this idea as well then!

  10. What a neat idea!

  11. This is such an ingenious idea! I’ll definitely check it out someday if I get a garden! I live in an apartment with no garden right now 🙁

  12. This is such a creative idea! I love how the bench look! so original!

  13. A perfect piece of furniture I was looking for my balcony. I usually tend to work out of my balcony early in the morning. Need something aesthetic, and comfortable.

    1. I think something like this would definitely do the job!

  14. This seems like such a fun DIY project to do with friends or family and I love how simple it is as well! Such a cool bench! 😀

  15. Creativity that works not only can earn money for a living but can spend less money in making amenities, furniture and fixtures at home on a most practical and economical way. That’s great!

  16. This bench looks amazing!!!! I wish I would have a garden or a terrace. I would try to do this myself right away

  17. This is really creative. I started laughing at the price difference. I definitely would not continue buying a single outdoor bench and build 2 outdoor benches instead. Thanks for sharing and please share more.

  18. That’s a fantastic idea….but how do you stop the back from falling off…ir do you secure it against a wall?

  19. I like the look of the bench as it looks really creatively done. It simple yet it still stands out.

  20. Smart project it really saves money and great that you designed it on your own. Thank you for sharing.

  21. OMG This is so nice! In life you really have to be wise hehehe i’ll be Saving this for future purposes. 🙂 The colors match each other too.

    1. Thank you!

  22. Such a CUTE idea!!! Definitely pinning this !!!!

    1. Thank you so much!!

  23. Nice bench design. If you have the time to gather the materials and make it yourself, you will save money and have fun with your family doing it.

  24. I made one of these a year ago to sit on my front porch. It was so easy and looks so chic. I love yours. Thanks for sharing

  25. Whoa! This is a super cool idea! I made a shelf like this with bricks and wooden planks for the indoor! Definitely saves so much money!

  26. Great creative ideas. That bench looks really comfortable at a reasonable price. Keep posting.

    1. Thank you so much Margarette!

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