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Have I mentioned my love of cars to you guys? I know that I have, but do you actually comprehend my obsession? (Lol!) And I know that you must remember me telling you about how you NEED to pamper your vehicles and take care of the maintenance! If you missed that post, you can find it right here!

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From car shows, to modeling, and building cars & racecars with my father, I think it’s safe to say that I enjoy everything there is to enjoy about them.

Unfortunately though, throughout my life, my heart has been broken. Tragedy has stricken with multiple moving vehicle accidents and I was left with a decision on what to do with my vehicle afterwards. Do I fix it up? Let it rot in my driveway? Get a new car? Or sell it for parts?

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Once you’re in a wreck like above, there’s so much to think about. Is the car repairable? Do you have the time and money to get it running again? Did you have the proper insurance and will they be covering anything? Were windows left open when the car was towed and has mold started to fester? Mold was exactly what happened to me after I wrecked my last car!! Let me tell you, that is surely not an easy task to take on for recovery!

This is definitely one of the hardest things that someone may have to experience. We build a loving relationship with our cars and sometimes, we even give them names! I’m not guilty of that, but I sure do know many who have been!

So……. what must we take into consideration when we’re faced with a choice of letting our cars be bought by a junk car buyer?

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 ~~ Here Are A Few Tips For Selling A Junk Car ~~

#1- Is Your Car Actually Totalled?

  • After an accident, many insurance companies may try to get you processed and out of the system quickly. Being caught up in the moment, you may be prone to just saying “alright” to just have it be done and over with. You have options here though! Take a moment to assess the value of your vehicle, as well as what the insurance company is offering you. Don’t short change yourself!

#2- Are The Repairs Worth The Money If Insurance Is Not Involved?

  • Whether you have been involved in an accident or you simply have an old car sitting in your yard, at some point you may find yourself in a position of deciding if the repairs you need to make to have a functioning/healthy vehicle are worth it. If this happens to you, it’s important to remember that if you do decide to junk the vehicle, there are caring and reasonable companies to help you with the process and will respect your privacy.

#3- Prepare To Let The Car Go

  • GATHER YOUR BELONGINGS. Once you sign your car over to the junk car buyer, the car will most likely be disassembled for parts and scrap, leaving you no opportunity to retrieve your possessions later on.
  • GET PAPERWORK ORGANIZED. You will want to have your title and/or registration readily available. Each state differs with laws regarding junking a vehicle, as to whether you need a title or not. Check with your local DMV before you arrange for your vehicle to be picked up. Doing this will save you time, as well as any troubles if the vehicle were to end up stolen while in the hands of the scrapper.
  • SHOP AROUND AND RESEARCH YOUR JUNK BUYER! For some of us it may be embarrassing to have to junk a car, it may hold memories, we may need money, or many other reasons. Find yourself a buyer that is compassionate, understanding, and will protect your privacy. Look for your target payout and weigh your options.
Image Courtesy- Sanford and Son Junk Cars

Thankfully, in the metro Atlanta area, I have Sanford & Son Junk Cars available at my fingertips if I happen to need assistance again! I live just west of the city so being able to service me is not a problem for them. The folks at Sanford & Son service a large area of the metro. Check their website for your own convenience.

Paying the top dollar for your vehicle, you can rest assured that you will be properly taken care of with this junk car buyer! Sanford & Son accepts a large range of vehicles in all different conditions, they protect your privacy, plus they will help you with the necessary paperwork for transfer of ownership.

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Image Courtesy- Sanford and Son Junk Cars

Are you ready to get the junk out of your possession and get the most cash back for it?

17 thoughts on “Tips For Selling A Junk Car

  1. Oh my goodness the poor car that must have broke your heart sorry to hear it got in an accident! I think that your advice on getting your paperwork organized and ensuring that you research junk car buyers thoroughly is such a good shout!

  2. Great tips, I agree that sometimes it’s not always worth the money to fix once insurance costs are paid. I think you’re right that organisation is key!

  3. Oh it really pains when the car gets damaged so much as you’ve shown in the picture. Indeed if the costs are not covered by insurance, its much better to let it go.

  4. this is so true, I once had a junk car right after having a baby and I mistakenly paid for the repair that cost more than the car itself, I can totally relate to this article

  5. Some of these tips are things I’d never think about. Well, I’ve never had the chance and the necessity to sell a car after an accident but I suppose it must have been hard. But you did it great

  6. These are great tips! We are car lovers as well, and huge proponents of regular maintenance: it totally affects how your car runs in the long term. Thanks for posting!

  7. One thing my husband and I have done with a couple of our older cars is donate them to a charity. They have to be in semi-decent shape, but one gave us $1000 tax write off! Also, there are some dealerships in our area that offer “Push, pull or drag” sales as well. x

    1. Each state actually does have their own regulations. You’re right that they cannot accept a vehicle from anyone other than the owner. But here in Georgia, a junkyard does not require a title. You DO need to show ID and registration though. Like I said, each state has their own regulations and it’s advised to check them first before making this decision.

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