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We’re only a couple months away from it being 2018. Did you seriously just hear that?? 2018!!! That’s insane! There’s no better time than now to protect your financial freedom. Just yesterday it was 1999, New Year’s Day was coming up, and everyone was freaking out that the Y2K Bug was going to shut down our world.

Computers/internet were fairly new at that time, but here we are today, 18 years later and we officially live in a technology world! Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones galore, digital cameras, electric vehicles, you name-we got it! While technology has revolutionized so many opportunities for all of us, there is also inherently a great amount of risk that comes with that privilege.

For the past week, a huge headline in the news has been the security breach of a major credit bureau that has affected 143 MILLION PEOPLE. That’s half of the United States population!! That’s ridiculous. So for me, taking action to protect my financial freedom is more important now than it has ever been.

A little less than 10 years ago, this was my credit. Torn to shreds!


Nearly 25 delinquent accounts, thousands of dollars in debt, no positive credit flow. I was in a downward spiral.

10 years later, I am ecstatic to be able to say that I busted my butt so hard to change that record so that now I can purchase and own anything I would like, and I can live freely! Here’s how—–


Credit Sesame was a total life saver for me!

  • Get itemized list of accounts in collections
  • Receive notifications about account changes (increase/decrease of debt, new debt added or removed)
  • Get tips for debt free living
  • Receive info and suggestions for credit repair (secured credit cards)
  • Free credit score (anytime)
  • Receive credit counseling
  • Log in any time, all the time and never be penalized

Let me say that again, Credit Sesame was a lifesaver and is absolutely free! It allowed me to be aware of what was negatively impacting my credit and fix it. Lol I became quite addicted to this site and was logging in about 4-5 times a day, anticipating and watching the changes.

I urge you to take advantage of this service NOW, especially with the possibility that you were affected by the data breach!👇⬇👇⬇👇
FREE credit score, monitoring and more at Credit Sesame – Sign up in 90 seconds. No Credit Card needed.


Aside from monitoring your credit, protecting your identity may be the second most important thing that you can do for yourself!! The recent data breach has allowed criminals to get ahold of sensitive information of 143 million people! They now have names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and so much more. The possible damage is extraordinarily heartbreaking!

 Identity Force is worth every little bit that they have to offer!!

  • Past 14 days, ONLY $14.95/month! Not satisfied, cancel anytime, hassle free before the 14 days is up!
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Insurance Up To $1 Million
  • Address, Court Record, Identity Monitoring
  • Alerts For- –
    1. Bank/Credit Card Activity
    2. SSN Activity
    3. Identity Threats
    4. Medical ID Fraud

It costs ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to take advantage of a FREE TRIAL!  Let Identity Force Protect You And Your Financial Future. Allowing someone else take care of the worrying for me, so that I can actually live carefree, was one of the better decisions I have made so far!


Debt consolidation always seems to be taboo or have some sort of stigma stuck to it. Does that really even make sense though?? It doesn’t to me!

Once I started diseccting my credit, I seen that one of the biggest impacts was my student loans. I knew that I had them and knew that I wasn’t making payments on them at that time, but I was incredibly shocked to see how much interest and penalty fees had accrued!

  • Debt consolidation allows you to combine debt accounts
  • Pays off the original debt
  • Gives you ONE new monthly payment
  • New payment is well below your original payment!
  • Student loans- – Consolidation puts your loans in good standing! (Perfect for credit!)
      1. Renews each year
      2. Payment is based off of income
      3. Has a cap, so you will NEVER pay more than a certain amount!!

You guys, I really cannot stress enough how important these 3 steps are!

I took the plunge a few years back and the results have been overwhelming. My life has drastically changed and now, I can live freely, without having to be a constant worry bug!

Like in said above, it costs you absolutely nothing to take advantage of something that’s free! In fact, you will gain more in the end to protect your financial freedom! 😉✌

40 thoughts on “3 Ways To Protect Your Financial Freedom

  1. This is really good advice, thank you for sharing. That’s pretty terrifying that 143 million people were affected! I’ve never had to deal with loans but I try to be concious of my intake and what’s going out.

  2. Good tips here I know a few people that have dealt with some of this due to divorce. Credit is an important thing that you sometimes forget to protect.

  3. I help my mom at home with the bills and I pay for college so I do get worry about the budget but I’ll try to follow the steps

  4. I have done all theses step except the debt consolidation for the debt I accumulated when I was young and didn’t think about my financial future. But I have been able to make a payment in a very small amount to close the account out by calling some of the place. Others not so much so they are still lingering around. Many place won’t help me because I don’t meet the minimum amount of debt. Do you know of any places that help with debt under 10K

    1. Hey Cia…. One place that I learned about for pretty much any amount of debt was Lexington Law. They are phenomenal! They helped someone I know consolidate date, make smaller payments, and within a year his credit was in such a good standing that he was able to finance a new car and get a loan for his new business! Check them out.

  5. Thank you for sharing this 3 steps to protect my financial freedom 🙂 I have never heard of the 2 first website you mentioned, I am going to check this out!

  6. Congrats on the awesome credit score! Hubby and I are NOT doing well in that department, but mostly because my freelance income as been so sporadic while I was finishing up my doctorate degree and not working as much. We actually use Credit Karma for checking on our scores, and it is free as well as this one you mentioned.

  7. I HATE the credit system! It stinks that you can’t buy anything of substance (car, home) without already being in debt! When we purchased our first home I didn’t have any credit at all because I only paid for things in cash – if we didn’t have it we didn’t spend it. But I wasn’t able to be on any of the paper work for the house because it negatively effected the loan. It’s such a same that we are basically forced into debt.

  8. Excellent post with detailed information for financial handling. I am real bad in handling finance. I hope to be more systematic in money matter by 2018.. hopefully 😀

  9. I’ve been working really hard to improve my credit score this year as my other half was majorly in debt, and because we had a joint account to pay our bills etc. it impacted my credit score too. It sucked big time. I really hope that by the end of 2018 it will be back up to being a decent score as I was so disappointed with it earlier this year 🙁

    Louise x

  10. Some great tips, thanks for sharing. I was constantly monitoring my credit as I wanted to get a mortgage and it is so easy to have your credit score trashed and identity theft is so common these days so mentioning Identity Force was a good idea.

  11. It’s so awesome that you have been able to turn your credit around! I feel like I have become so much more conscious about my financial state and so much more committed to sorting it out.

  12. Very useful tips on protecting our Financial freedom. Securing data and not revealing our identity is very important nowadays. So many online frauds and hacking our happening daily due to large firewalls also. Consolidations is also another important feature.

  13. Great tips esp the credit consolidation. I use credit karma for checking my overall debt and score but I like the idea of credit sesame showing interest percentage. I will check it out

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